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Miani, (pronounced Mianrhi in Pashto) is a Pushtoon tribe and the main sub branch of the Shirani tribe, but today it is identified as a separate tribe. The Miani tribe mainly inhabits the Gomal plains which fall in Tank in the North-West Frontier Province. But they also have scattered population in the Frontier Region of Dera Ismail Khan District in Rata Kolachi Deiry Form (commissioner Baagh) Kokar, Madhrah Saidan Punjab in Riyaz Abad, Jhang, Chok Azam, Sahiwal, etc. and Afghanistan. A number of clans and sub clans of Miani tribe were Powindahs, who migrated between Afghanistan and Pakistan, afterwards large number of them settled in the Gomal Plains along with their other earlier settled tribesmen. Regarding their settlement in the Gomal area, it is said that the area at that time was ruled by the Katti Khel Nawab's. In the meantime, a war broke out between the Bittanis and Ghurazais (a sub tribe of Kakars). The Ghurazi's requested the Powindah Mianis to help them against the Bittanis, which they readily provided and expelled the Bittanis out of the Gomal Plain. The Miani's preferred to settle in the plains of Gomal and formed their villages, now known as Gardawi, Kot Murtuza( Known after their Chieftain Murtuza Khan), Kot Nawaz and Kot Khaddak.

In 1876, when the Bhitannis accepted pass responsibility on the Tank frontier, similar arrangements were made with the Miani and the Ghwarazai (a clan of the Kakar tribe of Baluchistan, living apart from the bulk of the tribe) on the skirt of the Gomal Valley. The Mahsu�l raid on Tank, in January 1879, was the signal for general disorder, in which the Miani and Ghwarazai joined; but they were soonr reduced to Hiihniission.

Hassan Khel and Ibrahim Khel are the main sub branches of Miani tribe.

Miani tribe also inhabits in Harnai District of Balochistan under the leadership of Malik Abdul Sattar Maini in sharigh malik haji Muhammad rafiq Miani. The language of Harnai Miani is Salgaro. The Jaffar tribe of Musakhel or Musakhail District of Balochistan are also the descendents of Mianis.