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Michelle Perrot (born 18 May 1928, Paris) is a French historian, and Professor emeritus at the Paris Diderot University.[1] She won the 2009 Prix Femina Essai.[2]


She has worked on the history of labor movements, and studied with Ernest Labrousse, with Michel Foucault, and with Robert Badinter.

She is a pioneer in the emergence of women's history and gender in France. She edited with Georges Duby, Women's History in the West (5 vol., Plon, 1991–1992).

Her work appears in Libération, and she produced and presented "History Mondays" (les lundis de l'histoire) on France Culture radio.


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  • Mon histoire des femmes, Éditions du Seuil, Paris, 2006, 251 p. (ISBN 978-2-7578-0797-2).
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  • Les femmes ou les silences de l'histoire, Paris, Flammarion, 1998.
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  • Délinquance et système pénitentiaire en France au XIXe siècle, Annales Économies, Sociétés, Civilisations, 1975.


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