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Michael Allen is an American historian. He is a professor of history and American studies at the University of Washington Tacoma, book-review editor for Pacific Northwest Quarterly and president of the Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame. He served in the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. He has three children, Jim, Davy and Caroline Allen.

His work in American history ranges from the early-republic period to the present, with a particular emphasis on the trans-Appalachian West and western history as it is broadly defined. His 1994 article, "The 'New' Western History Stillborn," published in The Historian, called into question the intellectual underpinnings and originality of the popular school of thought dubbed "New Western History." In 2004, he co-authored, with historian Larry Schweikart of the University of Dayton, A Patriot's History of the United States. The book was marketed as a rebuttal to A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn.

Born and brought up in Ellensburg, Washington, Allen did his B.A, M.A and Ph.D from Central Washington State College, University of Montana, and University of Washington, Seattle. In his early years, he also served with the U.S. Marines in Vietnam. Presently, he resides in Ellensburg and Tacoma and is a father to three children, Jim, Davy, and Caroline.[1]

In his life career, Allen did all kinds of work including an artillery sergeant, United States Marine Corps, Vietnam (1969-70), a cook, towboat deckhand, oil tanker assistant, from places like the Upper and Lower Mississippi, Illinois, to St. Croix, Ouachita, Arkansas and the Gulf of Mexico. [2]


  • 2013: Distinguished Research Award, UW Tacoma [1]


Books authored
  • Western Rivermen, 1763-1861: Ohio and Mississippi Boatmen and the Myth of the Alligator Horse (1994) ISBN 0-8071-1561-4
  • Rodeo Cowboys in the North American Imagination (1998) ISBN 0-87417-315-9
  • The Confederation Congress And the Creation of the American Trans-Appalachian Settlement Policy 1783-1787 (2006) ISBN 0-7734-5815-8
Books co-authored with Larry Schweikart
Books co-edited with Mary L. Hanneman
  • Frontiers of Western History: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Western History (1999) ISBN 978-0-536-02198-4
Books co-edited with Larry Schweikart and Dave Dougherty


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