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Michael B. Tretow

Bo Michael Tretow (born August 20, 1944 in Norrköping, Sweden) is a Swedish record producer and audio engineer, musician and composer, best known for his work with Swedish pop group ABBA (1970-1982), and with the musical Chess. Tretow experimented with different recording techniques, and played an essential part in creating the famous "ABBA sound".[1] He has also composed several themes and jingles for Swedish national radio and television.


As an artist[edit]

  • Mikael & Michael (1966, with Mikael Ramel)
  • Let's boogie (1976)
  • Michael B. Tretow (1982)
  • Tomteland (1985)
  • Den makalösa manicken (1986, under the pseudonym Professorn)
  • Trafik-Trolle (early 1980s)
  • Caramba (1981, with Ted Gärdestad)
  • Hystereo Hi-lites (1989)
  • Greatest Hits (1999)

As producer[edit]

As engineer[edit]


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