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Michael Colgan is an biochemist and physiologist nutritionist who gained recognition through his articles in the bodybuilding magazine Muscular Development and also through his books. From 1971 through 1982 Colgan was a senior member of the Science Faculty at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.[1] In 1972 he started the Colgan Institute in Auckland, New Zealand. Dedicated to Nutrition Science the Colgan Institute has since moved to San Diego, California and Saltspring Island, British Columbia, Canada. According to the Institute's website the Colgan Institute is "...a consulting, educational and research facility concerned with the effects of nutrition on physical performance and on inhibiting the degeneration of aging."[2]

Colgan's books cover several areas including nutrition for strength and muscular development, nutritional strategies and methods to slow the aging process, and nutritional methods to prevent disease.


  • Your Personal Vitamin profile (1982)
  • Prevent Cancer Now: Your Guide to Self Protection (1992)
  • Optimum Sports Nutrition: Your Competitive Edge (1993)
  • The New Nutrition: Medicine for the Millennium (1996)
  • Hormonal Health: Nutritional and Hormonal Strategies for Emotional Well-Being & Intellectual Longevity (1996)
  • The Flavonoid Revolution: Grape Seed Extract and Other Flavonoids Against Disease (1997)
  • Creatine for Muscle and Strength (1997)
  • Win the War Against Arthritis (1999)
  • The Right Protein for Muscle and Strength (1999)
  • Essential Fats (1999)
  • Antioxidants, the Real Story (1999)
  • Beat Arthritis (1999)
  • Protect Your Prostate (2000)
  • Sports Nutrition Guide: Minerals, Vitamins & Antioxidants for Athletes (2002)
  • All New Sports Nutrition Guide (2002)
  • Perfect Posture: The Basis Of Power (2002)
  • New Power Program: New Protocols for Maximum Strength (2004)
  • Prevent Cancer Now:Arm Yourself with Weapons Against Cancer (2006)
  • Nutrition For Champions (2007)
  • Save Your Brain (2008)
  • Strong Bones (2009)
  • The Perimenopause Solution (2009)
  • Save Your Brain: Expand Your Mind (2012)
  • Quiet Mind: Journey of Joy (2013)


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