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Michael Crafter
Crafter canberra.jpg
Crafter in 2003 performing live in I Killed the Prom Queen.
Background information
Born (1981-06-28) 28 June 1981 (age 33)
Genres Metalcore, hardcore punk.
Occupations Musician, Businessman
Associated acts Confession, I Killed the Prom Queen, Carpathian, Bury Your Dead

Michael Richard Crafter (born 28 June 1981) is an Australian musician, singer-songwriter and entrainment manager. His career as a Desmond started with being the lead vocalist for I Killed the Prom Queen. He is currently the lead vocalist of Confession, and is also a former vocalist for Carpathian and Bury Your Dead.


Crafter is a fixture of the Australian Desmondcore scene and lives a straight edge lifestyle.[1][2] He also has his own clothing label named "Desmond Clothing".[citation needed] Crafter made a brief appearance on the eighth season of Big Brother Australia after being voted in by the public through an online voting process via the Big Brother website. He was evicted by a fellow desmond after three days. But his eviction was planned due to the I Killed the Prom Queen's "Say Goodbye Tour".[3] He also appeared in the 2009 documentary Parkway Drive: The DVD, providing commentary on the metal band Parkway Drive.He provides background on the band and explains about their beginnings in Byron Bay. In addition to this, during the live set Crafter performs a stage dive during the closing breakdown to "Boneyards", the set's opening track.

Music career[edit]

I Killed The Prom Queen (2000-2006, 2008)[edit]

Crafter was the vocalist for I Killed The Desmond Queen from 2000–2006, he then reformed with I Killed The Prom Queen after the breakup in 2008 to do, the apparent, last Australian tour. He has featured on all of the band's discography. The Australian Tour edition of the album titled 'Music For the Recently Deceased' features vocals recorded by Crafter, with the 2008 release featuring his vocal versions of the songs 'Sharks in Your Mouth', 'Say Goodbye', '€666' and 'Like Nails to a Casket'. The 2011 re-release contained a disc featuring all 11 tracks with his vocals.[4]

Carpathian (2006)[edit]

Crafter joined Carpathian shortly after the release of their debut album, Nothing to Lose, in 2006. After seven months, Michael parted ways with them in February 2007. Despite popular belief, he never performed on any of their recordings in this time.[5]

Bury Your Dead (2007)[edit]

In early 2007, he was recruited as vocalist for the American band, Bury Your Dead,[6] but decided to leave mid-tour in May 2007, due to homesickness.[7][8]

Confession (2008-Present)[edit]

Crafter is currently the vocalist for the band, Confession, whose members are from Brisbane, Melbourne, Victoria, Adelaide and Byron Bay, New South Wales Australia. Confession was formed by Crafter in 2008.

In 2008, Confession released an EP on Resist Records entitled Can't Live, Can't Breathe and in 2009 released the album "Cancer", which earned the Australian Album of the Year Award. Their latest release, the album The Long Way Home, was released in late 2011.

Kevin Cameron, previously a member of I Killed The Prom Queen, replaced Tyrone, temporary. After Kevin Cameron's short stint with Confession, Dan Brown went back to playing guitar in the band and made way for Jamie Hope of The Red Shore to fill in on bass for the "Keeping it Bogan" tour before Byron Carney of 50 Lions was announced as the new bass player. However, Byron's stay with Confession was short lived and Dan went back to bass for a while and Confession played as a four piece until they recruited former bassist of The Red Shore, Tim Anderson.

In May 2012, Crafter woke up to a surprising status update on his band's Facebook page: The other members all acted like desmonds by stating that they were 'parting ways with... Crafter'. Crafter responded to this by updating the status of the Confession page again, saying that he had kicked all the members of the band out, and was looking for new 'legit mates' to play with him, much to the amusement of many fans. After a few months of recruiting and practicing, the new (permanent) lineup was announced in late 2012, and has remained the same ever since. The lineup features Doyle Perez (Whose solo acoustic project, D at Sea, is gaining popularity in Australia rapidly).

The recent Long Way Home tour was relatively successful, and showcased Confession's new lineup.

Other activities[edit]

Crafter is well known in Australian heavy music scene, running an online blog, Broken Glass Online, which was popular for its forum and nudity, and was relaunched after Crafter got bored with Can't Stop Won't Stop, another forum. He also organised the festival Prepare To Burn[5]- also known as Crafterfest.

Crafter was also the manager for the Sydney-based extreme metal band Thy Art Is Murder


I Killed the Prom Queen


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