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Michael Cranford, 2013

Michael Cranford is a former game programmer and software engineer. He is currently a web application developer and consultant.

He holds a degree in philosophy from the University of California, and has completed graduate studies in Social Ethics from the University of Southern California, with a focus on ethics and technology.

Michael was also a game designer and game programmer. He is most well known as the designer and programmer of 1985's The Bard's Tale[1] and 1986's The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight role-playing video games published by Interplay Productions. He also programmed the Apple II version of Donkey Kong, the Commodore 64 version of Super Zaxxon, as well as Maze Master (a spiritual predecessor of The Bard's Tale). His last video game was Centauri Alliance for Brøderbund in 1990. He left the video game industry to pursue graduate studies, and thus was not involved in the creation of 1988's The Bard's Tale III.


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