Michael Diekmann

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Michael Diekmann
Born Michael Diekmann
(1954-12-23) December 23, 1954 (age 60)
Bielefeld, Germany
Occupation CEO of Allianz

Michael Diekmann (born December 23, 1954) is the CEO of Allianz as of 2003.[1] He began his career with Allianz in 1988 after becoming frustrated with his own business. In 1996, he moved to Singapore to run Allianz's Asia-Pacific business front.[1] Diekmann's total compensation from 2010 was around one hundred and five million Euros.[2] Diekmann earned his degree from Goettingen University, where he studied law and philosophy.[3]

History at Allianz[edit]

Diekmann entered the position of CEO with a mindset that could be considered ruthless. He began by releasing thousands of employees from the company and shifted Allianz's focus to larger wealthier clients. Diekmann also put $730 million into the Fireman's Fund. This shrewd move effectively saved the company from going bankrupt.[4] Once Diekmann took office as CEO, he was able to turn the company's fortunes around and Allianz became profitable within twelve months of his employment.


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