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For other people called Michael Dugan, see Michael Dugan (disambiguation).

Michael Dugan (1947 – 16 March 2006) was an Australian poet, children's writer, and editor. In 1968, he first published his own small poetry magazine,[1] Crosscurrents Magazine, from the Melbourne suburb of Canterbury. Dugan also created the King Hippo Poetry Band who performed folk-rock versions of well-known poems. With Phillip Edmonds and Robert Kenny, he was involved in the development of Contempa Publications.

In the 1970s, he worked as a consultant to the publisher Jacaranda Press, and was the editor of The Australian Library News Furthermore, Dugan co-founded and edited Bookmark.

In the 1980s, he was a consultant and an editor for the Australian Institute of Multicultural Affairs.

He worked as poetry editor of Overland magazine for many years. He also served as vice-president of the Victorian Fellowship of Australian Writers.

Besides children's books, Dugan has also written plays and scripts for radio.

His works[edit]

  • Missing People (1970)
  • The Drunken Tram : Six young Melbourne poets (1972)
  • Clouds (1975)
  • The Outback Reader (1975) with John Jenkins
  • Nonsense Places (1976)
  • Dragon's Breath (1978)
  • Dingo Boy (1980)
  • Melissa's Ghost (1986)
  • The Maltese Connection (1988)
  • The Highjacked Bathtub (1988)
  • The Wombat's Party (1990)
  • To a Trainee Accountant (2002)
  • Childmemory (?)[2]


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