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Michael Meegan

Thomas Michael Kevin Elmore-Meegan is a humanitarian, founder of several charities, non-governmental organisations, author, specialist in clinical epidemiology and international health.

Born Thomas Michael Kevin Elmore in Liverpool, Lancashire UK, has also published under Michael Meegan and Michael Elmore-Meegan,has written widely in academic literature under Elmore-Meegan [1] (born 26 March 1959) is the co-founder of the International Community for Relief Of Starvation and Suffering (ICROSS),[2] an International aid agency operating in East Africa that describes itself as "a small international organisation working to fight poverty and disease in the poorest parts of the world."[3] Elmore-Meegan also co-founded other charities including an Irish branch of the charity known as 'ICROSS Ltd'( Meegan has opposed the direction of the Irish group as alien to his vision) which broke with Meegan in early 2008[4] and closed down in 1012. The website of ICROSS International (http://icrossinternational.org) lists Dr. Michael Elmore Meegan as Founder and International Director ICROSS and head of Public Health Research as of July 2014.[5] He is also chair of the Strategic planning committee. In Feb 2013 he created a new Research Programme on Global Health focusing on Child Health provision. He lectures Internationally on Global Health and poverty, he also lectures on compassion, a primary theme of his series of books. In January 2014 he announced a series of community health rights based initiatives that would focus his charities towards a more International advocacy role. In Early 2015 he released a series of strategic policies developing his model of community ownership of development programmes in Africa.

He has founded several humanitarian initiatives and continues to direct the strategic planning and Public Health research programmes of the organisation. In 2015 he is designing a series of innovations in diarrhoeal prevention and water protection.


Born in Liverpool to Irish and French parents, Thomas Michael Kevin Elmore-Meegan spent his childhood between Grenoble, French Alps, France, Freshfield Lancashire and Rishworth, Yorkshire. He spoke French and Latin at the age of ten.[6] He was educated in Vaughan House and Bishops Court Prep School, Heathfield, Yorkshire. He was Baptised by John Heenan, later to be John Carmel Cardinal Heenan. He was inspired by the work of the Mill Hill Missionaries from an early age and had a passion for Africa and Asia greatly influenced by the example of retired missionaries in Freshfield, Formby. In 1971, he moved to Dublin, attending Terenure College, Dublin, run by the Order of the Brothers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, where he graduated in 1977. He then entered the Roman Catholic Society of White Fathers - The Missionaries of Africa/Les Pères Blanc - hoping to become a missionary. Due to a serious burn injury leaving keloid damage he left the White Fathers, instead completing a degree in Philosophy at the Jesuit Institute at Milltown Park, Dublin (awarded by the Holy See), following which he entered Noviciate in the Society of Jesus. Later he took an M.Sc in Community Health from Trinity College TCD, Dublin (1988, Belief systems of the Maasai on diarrhoeal illness). His current research is doctoral study with Tampere University, Finland where he is finalising a PhD in International Health.

After ecclesiastical training, Meegan moved to Kenya at aged 20, where he settled in the Northern territories of the Great Rift Valley and began to perform aid work among the local people. This was largely funded by his own inheritance and by close personal friends.

Michael Meegan

He began in 1978 his early drafts of spiritual axioms, All Shall be Well, later to be a series of reflections on poverty published by Collins (Fount Religious paperbacks) forwarded by John Powell S.J. published in 1986 and has been republished in November 2014. He began sculpting at an early age, mostly working in clay and bronze. He still does private commissions in bronze. Since 1980 Elmore Meegan suffered a series of serious illnesses in Africa, ranging from Cerebral Malaria and amoebic and bacillic dystentry to Cholera. In 1992 and again in 1999 he received the Catholic last rites (source: Surprised by Joy) on three occasions.

In the mid-1980s he adopted two Kenyans; a Samburu, Lemoite Lemako and a Maasai, Saruni OleKoitee OleLengeny, later to become assistant CEO of ICROSS Kenya, a role he held until July 2014 when Johnson Ole Makeserr took over after serving ICROSS for 31 years. ICROSS was designed as a model for community owned locally driven development planning.


His first involvement was in Karamoja, Uganda and then with a number of health and development projects with Dr Robbie McCabe in Turkana. He then expended his work into sections of northern Mogadishu in Somalia, developing and interest in infant health and nutrition. He began to work among the Samburu and Maasai people to address villages devastated by diseases such as malaria and tuberculous and the effects of repeated drought. He spent the 1980s mostly living amongst pastoral nomadic Turkana, Maasai and Samburu tribesmen in Uganda and Northern Kenya. A long-time friend of Wilfred Thesiger, he worked closely with traditional Samburu primarily north of Maralal.

In 1979 Meegan founded, with Joseph Barnes, the Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering (CROSS) which, by 1984, he renamed the International Community for Relief of Starvation and Suffering (ICROSS). ICROSS began funding health projects in Africa and India. He was supported in this work by Wilfred Koinange, Director of Medical Services of the Kenyan Ministry of Health. Together with Fr Paul Cunningham CSSp and Evan Sequeira, Meegan established a series of community health programmes. Before he was 25 he raised over three million dollars for development projects. He has spent over twenty years collecting ethnographic and ethnomedical data, recording language and tribal artifacts and writing about cultural belief systems and local epistemologies.

By 1985 he had built health clinics serving three pastoralist communities. Learning local tribal languages, Meegan created a unique approach to community development, insisting that any planning had to be done by the members of the local communities in the local languages, not by others. He pioneered a series of grassroots locally appropriate health interventions as part of integrated community health strategies in close collaboration with leading research institutions including the Institute of Child Health, London. He developed a series of locally appropriate methods for reducing infectious disease which have been widely adopted. In 1989 he established a branch of his Charity in the USA. ICROSS EAST END expanded with the support of Norman Jaffe and Dr Kenneth Cairns MD in the Hamptons, Long Island, New York. ICROSS in Tanzania was established and quickly became self supporting.

Wilfred Thesiger and Michael Meegan

His work extended into reproductive health and eventually AIDS.[7][8] Under Meegan's leadership, ICROSS worked with a number of other organizations on a Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland led project, to develop a Solar water disinfection system that could be used by village households.[9] He pioneered community ownership in community health services, campaigning for long term public health policies, planning in local languages and working through local cultures. His work on Diarrhoeal disease in Africa was widely cited and in 2010 he extended his innovations to recycling human waste into biogas.

By the early 2000s, Michael Meegan had become a prominent, if sometimes controversial, figure in Ireland whose fundraising activities for ICROSS attracted the public support of former Irish Prime Minister Garret FitzGerald and entertainment celebrities such as Elton John, Chris de Burgh, Caroline Corr, and Andrea Corr.[10] His writing and charitable activity brought him Ireland's well-regarded 2003 International Person of the Year Award presented in a nationally televised ceremony by the Irish charity Rehab.[11] Not all of these individuals have remained supporters, following later inquiries into ICROSS's financial probity in Kenya.

Michael Meegan and Manuel Scrima

Among many media works on Michael Meegan, in May 2005, Ireland's state owned RTE televised a documentary about Meegan entitled When You Say 4000 Goodbyes.[12] After the broadcast, Meegan's charity ICROSS received 400,000 euros in donations.[13] On 19 November 2005, When You Say 4000 Goodbyes. was shown at Harvard University's prestigious Magners Irish Film Festival.[14] On 5 May 2006, the documentary won the Radharc Award 2006 for the "documentary programme of outstanding quality which addresses a national or international topic of social justice, morality or faith."[15]

Since 2009 Meegan has campaigned for changes in how AID is modelled and understood, moving from donor driven, to community driven planning of public health services. He has lectured across the world on Global health, including at the Helsinki Global health summit with Sir Michael Marmot on Global health Inequity 13 June 2012, where he spoke on Global inequity in Africa and South East Asia. He continues to lecture on the World stage for a Rights-based locally owned approach to development. He continues in 2014 to develop the ICROSS model of integrated holistic health care, stressing evidence based planning. His research into water borne disease and diarrhoeal disease continues to impact rural health programmes internationally. In November 2014 he launched the ICROSS Strategic Plan 2015-2020.

Elmore-Meegan has also worked with photographer and video maker Manuel Scrima on several projects and exhibited across Europe sharing Africa Awakes for ICROSS. The awareness advocacy exhibitions have been seen in 12 countries, Italy, Spain, Finland, Ireland, UK, Germany, Hungary, and France, as well as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and South Africa.[16]


The work of ICROSS has attracted controversy, largely because of concerns raised by Elmore-Meegan about the distribution of funds raised in Western countries in recent years, and the Irish branch of the organisation has been wound up as a result. Meegan's medical qualifications have been questioned and disproved, and male former employees have alleged Meegan of sexual abuse, although cases that have gone to court have been unsuccessful resulting in damages and significant payments. A case of defamation was successfully won by Meegan following a former employee of one of Meegan’s charities ICROSS Kenya accused him of abuse, which he alleged had begun in 1986.[17] The employee also alleged financial impropriety on the part of Meegan over his use of charitable funds. The allegations were originally investigated by the Irish Mail on Sunday,who since paid substantial damages and court costs following a publication of the Irish Daily Mail in November 8, 2010.[18] The former employee has since been charged by the Kenyan Department for Public Prosecution with false statement in July 2014.

Meegan attempted to obtain a gag order in 2010 against the publication, which was subsequently denied by the court.[17] The court ruled that the Irish Mail on Sunday provided enough evidence to support their publication of the accusations and that they had shown it was likely they would be able to defend any libel claim made by Meegan.[17] In this, they failed before jury, Meegan never admitted to sharing a bed with one of his accusers.[19] Meegan litigated successfully against the newspaper.[20] This was one of the numerous successful damage claims against the newspaper.

Meegan later obtained a substantial settlements for damages and costs from the Irish Mail on Sunday after filing a civil suit against them,[21] one of multiple suits lost by the newspaper for demamation in Ireland in 2010. In November 2014 Meegan launched further defamation actions resulting from other publications in Ireland in the same year which are pending.

In July 2006, it was reported that Meegan allegedly misrepresented his credentials when Duke University USA was attempting to secure a multi-million dollar grant in the United States.[22] This however was found to be not an application by Meegan but by Duke University, and he was dropped from the application. Meegan clarified that he got an initial Doctorate from Knightsbridge University, a non-accredited university based in Denmark, following his Masters degree.


  • 2008 Premio internazionale Exposcuola 2008 per l'impegno civile[citation needed]
  • 2003 International Person of the Year, ESB/Rehab People of the Year Awards [25]
  • 1988 Past Pupil of the Year Award, Terenure College, Dublin (Note: Terenure College lists the 1988 award winners as Michael Meighan which may be a variant spelling of "Meegan.")[26]


Publications between Medical journals and books cover a wide range of subjects.He is widely cited http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Michael_Meegan, http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Mike_Meegan

Michael Elmore-Meegan has written extensively on poverty and Global Health and compassion with his first book All Shall Be Well ( Fount Religious Paperbacks, Collins 1986 ). Changing the World Feb 2009, Surprised by joy; a story of hope in the midst of tragedy, Forward by Stephen Sackur BBC,156 pgs July 2006 All Will be Well (Forward by John Hurt) Eye-Books, 149 pgs May 2004. ISBN 1903070279

His best known book is All Will be Well, 2004, Eye Books .

He has also written extensively in Medical and Scientific journals since 1981 primarily in Public Health epidemiology, primary health and low cost technologies.

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