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Michael André Fath (born November 8, 1952 in Washington, DC) is a critically acclaimed [1]/award-winning [2] guitarist and record producer from Loudoun County, Virginia. Michael has two children, Jade Arden Fath and Sierra Marie Fath.

He has been a member of the rock bands Wizzard, Orphan, King Dazzle and the Cherry People; and during his subsequent solo career has released nearly 30 instrumental solo albums.[3] He has released numerous guitar instructional videos as well, including the acclaimed Rock Guitar Project.[3]

Best known for his wide array of guitar recordings primarily in the progressive instrumental rock genre (and including straight-ahead jazz, fusion, blues, country, bluegrass and classical), his career began receiving serious national and international attention in the early 80’s.[4] He has been favorably compared to some of the best rock guitarists in the world such as: Jeff Beck,[5] Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and Edward Van Halen;[6] with like acclaim to other infamous talents: Danny Gatton,[7] Joe Pass,[8] and Doc Watson.[6] Michael is now actively involved with his current rock instrumental group, and producing new acts, along with developing a major rock/vocal project.

Michael Andre Fath is also a published novelist: "The Girls of Yesterday" and "The Village Squires -Tales of Mayhem and Revenge", and poet: "Reflections of Darkness and Light" <iUniverse, Inc., Bloomington>. Fath was also a published columnist;[9]


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