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For other people named Michael Fisher, see Michael Fisher (disambiguation).

Michael G. Fisher (also credited as Mike Fisher or Michael Fisher) is a percussionist and studio musician who lives in Malibu, California.[1] He owns Dondon, Inc.

Fisher worked as the percussionist on the title theme for the HBO series Six Feet Under, for which composer Thomas Newman was awarded the 2001-2002 Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music.[2][3][4]

Fisher has worked on hundreds of movies, soundtracks and CDs. Wall-E, Memoirs of a Geisha and the much anticipated movie "Avatar." [4]

During the making of the movie, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Iva Davies denotes Fisher's collection of percussion as probably the largest in the world. Iva said of his work with Fisher:

"Early in the process I was introduced to Mike Fisher. He is a wonderful percussionist and an enthusiastic musician. I went with him into the suburbs of L.A. where he keeps a warehouse which is literally full of drums and percussion. His collection is very possibly the most extensive in existence. From his vast collection I chose a number of Taiko drums and an assortment of other drums and percussion to be used.

The process of composing the drums for each piece involved using the samplers to create the multiple drum parts. These were then transcribed to sheet music. Mike would bring his collection of selected drums and percussion to the studio where I then oversaw the recordings of his performances of these parts. Although there are multiple layers of drums on almost all of the pieces, these were all played by Mike."[5]


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