Michael Gleissner

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Michael Gleissner
Born Michael J. G. Gleissner
Regensburg, Germany
Nationality German
Other names Mick Gleissner
Ken Arden
Citizenship Philippines
Occupation Entrepreneur
film producer
Film director
Known for Founder: Bigfoot Group
Official website

Michael J. G. Gleissner (born in 1969 in Regensburg, Germany) is an entrepreneur, film producer, director, screenwriter, actor, photographer, and musician.



Gleissner became an online pioneer at 20 years old with his launch of the first e-commerce company[1] Telebuch (Tele Book) in Regensburg, co-founded with Christian Jagodzinski.[2][3] In 1996, Gleissner relocated to the United States, and served as managing director of the ABC Book Service office in Florida.[4] In 1998, Telebuch and its subsidiary ABC Book Service GmbH, were acquired by Amazon.com,[5] after which Gleissner subsequently served two years as vice president of their US Operations.[6][7] Gleissner also started "WWW-Service GmbH" as one of the first webhosting companies in Germany. It was later acquired by Verio (later NTT). He was a large shareholder in public companies like Jaye Muller's J2 Communications Inc. (USA) and United Internet AG), as well as investing in a series of Internet startups, such as Jfax GmbH, Deskclick/Eatfleet, and MagicDay.[8]


In 2001, Gleissner moved to Asia to establish a presence for several of his companies, among them Bigfoot Communications and Cleverlearn Inc. Both had formerly been based in New York City. In 2002 Gleissner founded Bigfoot Entertainment to finance and develop feature films, documentaries, and reality TV shows for the United States and International Market.[9][10][11] His company also acquired the franchises for Fashion TV(FTV) in Singapore and Philippines.[12] In April 2010, Gleissner co-founded Fashion One TV, an international channel that broadcasts a unique combination of lifestyle, entertainment and fashion content from all around the globe.[13]

In 2006 the Congress of the Philippines, considering him one of Cebu's prominent German expatriates, approved a Filipino citizenship application for Gleissner.[14][15] The application awaited approval by Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.[16]

Gleissner is a property developer in Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and the United States. His developments include the 26-story Bigfoot Centre in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay, various office buildings in Singapore and the United States, and holdings in the Philippine provinces of Cebu and Palawan.

Gleissner develops and oversees entertainment projects under the umbrella of the Bigfoot Group of companies, including Bigfoot Entertainment, Bigfoot Studios (with production facilities in Los Angeles and Cebu, Philippines), and the International Academy of Film and Television he founded on Mactan Island[17] an international film school providing aspiring filmmakers with a competitive education under the mentorship of industry professionals,[9][14][18] and the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.[19] Through his Hong Kong-based Bigfoot Ventures Ltd., he is also the largest shareholder in the fourth largest U.S. film exhibitor, Carmike Cinemas.


Under the name "Mickmeister", Gleissner had created and released several dance singles, including Where Are You Now, Mr.Bond, Running Out of Love, and Dont Let That Fool You.[20][21]


Gleissner's credits include executive producer on films such as: Shanghai Kiss, Midnight Movie, 3 Needles and The Curiosity of Chance, writer and director of the feature thriller Irreversi, and director of the reality show Screen Test and more than 40 shows for Fashion TV, an international television channel devoted to fashion and modeling. Irreversi marked Gleissner's directorial debut of the first film to be produced in both English and Mandarin, with two versions filming simultaneously with two sets of separate casts.[22]

Gleissner has recently finished directing the new action movie Deep Gold, starring Bebe Pham and Kersten Hui. Filmed over a period of almost four years after the production encountered several production delays, the movie was theatrically released on 22 April 2011 in the U.S.[23]




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