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For other people named Michael Jackson, see Michael Jackson (disambiguation).

Michael Gregory (Jackson) (born August 28, 1953 as Michael Gregory Jackson in New Haven, Connecticut) is an American jazz, blues and rock guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, poet, educator and producer.[1] As of 2013 Michael returned to using his fullname, Michael Gregory Jackson when performing.

Michael Gregory (Jackson) began playing guitar at the age of seven. Early in his career, he was known as Michael Gregory Jackson, (in 2013 he returned using his full name) Michael Gregory Jackson and worked with avant-garde jazz musicians in the late 1970s and early 1980s, such as Pheeroan akLaff, Oliver Lake, and Baikida Carroll. Michael worked with Obie Award Winner playwright, author and poet Ntozake Shange (Where The Mississippi Meets The Amazon 1977 Directed by Oz Scott), author and poet JessicaHagedorn (Mango Tango 1978 Directed by Regge Life and Where The Mississippi Meets The Amazon 1977 Directed by Oz Scott), and with author and poet Thulani Davis (Where The Mississippi Meets The Amazon 1977 Directed by Oz Scott) at The Public Theatre, NYC. Following this he began working more in the realms of rock, jazz fusion and R&B. He worked with Walter Becker of Steely Dan. In 1983 Producer Nile Rodgers produced Michael Gregory, Situation-X for Island Records, Michael's first recording using the name Michael Gregory. Since 1983, he only released records as Michael Gregory to avoid confusion with musician Michael Jackson. Michael rehearsed, playing guitar with Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger's solo band in 1987. He is currently (as of 1995) producing various projects, in a multitude of genres, working with trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith as producer and guitarist, with Oliver Lake's Trio and with his newly formed (2009) trio cLarity-<3 featuring the Danish musicians bassist Niels Praestholm and drummer Kresten Osgood. In 2013 Michael formed Michael Gregory Jackson's Clarity Quartet and Michael Gregory Jackson's Clarity TRiO. Michael's ensembles have included musical luminaries Wadada Leo Smith, Marty Ehrlich, Ra-Kalam Bob Moses, Pheeroan aKLaff, Oliver Lake, Baikida Carroll, Will Calhoun, Anthony Davis, Julius Hemphill, David Murray, Mark Helias, Jerome Harris and Mark Trayle to name a few.


As leader[edit]

  • Clarity, Circle, Triangle, Square (ESP-Disk, 1976 and 1990) Produced by Joel Bluestein
  • Karmonic Suite (Improvising Artists, 1978 and 1994) Produced by David Baker, Michael Gregory Jackson and Paul Bley
  • Gifts (Arista/Novus, 1979) Produced by Michael Gregory Jackson
  • Heart and Center (Arista/Novus Records, 1979) Produced by Michael Gregory Jackson
  • Cowboys, Cartoons and Assorted Candy (Enja Records, 1982) Produced by Michael Gregory Jackson, David Baker and Matthias Winkelmann
  • Situation X (Island Records1983) Produced by Nile Rodgers
  • The Way We Used to Do (Enja, 1982) 1991 Remix Produced by Michael Gregory
  • What to Where (Jive/Novus, 1987) Produced by Michael Gregory
  • Towards the Sun (Golden Records, 2003) Produced by Michael Gregory
  • Red (Orchard Records, 2000) Produced by Michael Gregory
  • "High Up Where The Breezes Blow" (In-Respect) 1992 Produced by Michael Gregory
  • "Wildflower Jazz Loft Sessions" piece "Clarity"
  • "Blue Blue" (1 track) I NEVER META GUITAR (solo guitars for the XXI Century) (Clean Feed Records) 2010 Produced by Michael Gregory

As sideman[edit]

With Art Ensemble Syd

"Liberty, Art Ensemble Syd with Michael Gregory Jackson" (Jackson's compositions) EME Records 2013

Produced by Michael Gregory Jackson and Niels Praestholm

With Wadada Leo Smith

  • "Hearts Reflections", Cuneiform Records 2011, Lead Guitar and Produced by Michael Gregory
  • "Spiritual Dimensions", Cuneiform Records 2009 Lead Guitar and Produced by Michael Gregory (disc two)

With Oliver Lake

  • Zaki
  • Shine
  • Life Dance Of Is
  • Holding Together (Black Saint, 1976)
  • Wild Flower Loft Jazz Sessions

With Anthony Braxton,

  • "Wild Flower Loft Jazz Sessions" Guitar, Electric Mandolin

With Nona Hendryx,

  • "The Heat" Guitar Solos

With Pheeroan aKlaff,

  • "Fits Like A Glove" Gramavision Records Lead Vocalist, Guitar Solos, Produced by Michael Gregory

With Amina Claudine Myers, "Amina" Michael Gregory - Arista/Novus Records Produced by Michael Gregory

With Clyde Criner,

  • "Behind The Sun" Arista/Novus Records Percussion and Produced by Michael Gregory

With The Coyote Sisters,

  • "Women And Other Visions" Guitars

With Viva Monroe

  • "Rock' N' Roll Party" Michael Gregory - Lead Guitar and Produced by Michael Gregory

With Seth Glier

  • "Sojourn" Michael Gregory - Guitar, Percussion and Produced by Michael Gregory

With Pulitzer Prize winner poet Paul Muldoon & RACKETT

  • "Resistance" Produced by Michael Gregory

With Stephen Allen

  • "Making The Move: Music to Poems by Paul Muldoon" Lead Guitar Solos


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