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Michael Bully Herbig
Michael Herbig.4962.jpg
Herbig at the Berliner Press presentation of Lissi und der wilde Kaiser, 2007.
Born Michael Herbig
(1968-04-29) April 29, 1968 (age 46)
Munich, Germany
Occupation film director, actor, author
Michael Bully Herbig, grimacing for fun

Michael Herbig (April 29, 1968 in Munich) is a German film director, actor and author. His nickname Bully became integral part of his stage name as is Michael Bully Herbig as a comedian.

Life and work[edit]

His career began in 1992 with regular appearances on radio (more than 800 times), leading onward to appearances on various TV shows. He gained wider fame with his writing/acting/directing role on the comedy show "Bullyparade". The show featured him as the host, his good friend Rick Kavanian, Christian Tramitz and Diana Herold as a dancer and occasional actress in the skits. The show featured many different themes, including stereotypical gay archetypes in a Star Trek parody, an homage to westerns, and of the Austrian royal, Sissi. On the show, he let the audience vote which theme to use for each of his movies based upon characters from the show. The first, the 2001 Der Schuh des Manitu (Manitou's Shoe) was seen by over 11.7 million people, one of the most successful German films to date. His second film, (T)Raumschiff Surprise - Periode 1 (2004) was also a commercial success, cementing his career.

On January 7, 2008, Variety reported that Herbig was set to film a live action adaptation of animated series Vicky the Viking. The film was released in 2009.[1]



Year Title Notes
1997 Easy Bully (TV) Director, Produced, Writer and Starring
1997–2002 Bullyparade (TV) Director, Produced, Writer and Starring
1999 Die Bademeister – Weiber, saufen, Leben retten (TV) Starring
2000 Erkan & Stefan Director
2001 Manitou's Shoe Director, Produced, Writer and Starring
The Emperor's New Groove German voice of Kuzco
2002 Knallharte Jungs Starring
2004–2007 Bully & Rick (TV) Director, Produced, Writer and Starring
2004 Back to Gaya Voice of Buu
Traumschiff Surprise - Periode 1 Director, Produced, Writer and Starring
2005 Robots German voice of Fender
2006 Hui Buh – Das Schlossgespenst Voice and model for the CGI main character
2007 Lissi and the Wild Emperor Writer, Director and Starring
2008 Asterix at the Olympic Games Supporting
Bully sucht die starken Männer! (TV) Judge in casting show for the movie "Vicky [...]"
Die Geschichte vom Brandner Kaspar Starring
2009 Vicky the Viking Director and Starring
2011 Hotel Lux Starring
2012 Zettl Starring
2013 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Supporting

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