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Michael Hewitt-Gleeson
Born (1947-05-22)May 22, 1947
St Kilda, Victoria, Australia
Occupation Cognitive Scientist and Lecturer
Known for School of Thinking

Michael Hewitt-Gleeson is an Australian cognitive scientist and lecturer who founded the School of Thinking in New York City in 1979 with Edward de Bono.[1]

Hewitt-Gleeson and de Bono co-authored Learn-To-Think: Coursebook and Instructor's Manual in 1982.[2] Jack Welch, General Electric's CEO partnered with Hewitt-Gleeson in 1985 to teach the School of Thinking's concepts to the employees of General Electric.[3] The company's productivity increased two percent in the following two years and four percent from 1987 to 1991.[3][verification needed]

In September 1990, Hewitt-Gleeson delivered a seminar in Sydney, Australia as part of an Australia-wide tour to conduct lectures on lateral thinking.[4] In 2000, Hewitt-Gleeson published his x10 Thinking tutorials, The X10 Memeplex: multiply your business by 10!.[5]

Published works[edit]

Partial list of books by Hewitt-Gleeson include:


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