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Michael Gerard Hinchey (born 1969)[1] is an Irish computer scientist and Director at the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre (Lero), University of Limerick, Ireland.[2][3]

Mike Hinchey studied at the University of Limerick as an undergraduate (was the leading student in his graduating year[2]), Oxford University (at Wolfson College) for his MSc and Cambridge University (at St John's College) for his PhD.[4]

Hinchey has been a promulgator of formal methods throughout his career, especially CSP and the Z notation. He was Director of the Software Engineering Laboratory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and is the founding editor-in-chief of the NASA journal Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering, launched in 2005.

He has held numerous visiting professorships both visiting and permanent, in a number of universities including the University of Nebraska, Queen's University Belfast, New Jersey Institute of Technology (Assistant Professor[5]) and the Skövde University College in Sweden[2] and was at Loyola College in Maryland, USA, before his current post.

He is a Fellow of the IET, a Fellow of the IMA, and a Senior Member of the IEEE.

Additional information is available at http://lero.ie/people/mikehinchey

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