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This article is about the CNN anchor. For the former leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, see Michael Holmes (politician).

Michael Holmes (born December 1960 in Perth, Western Australia) is an Australian anchor and correspondent for CNN International. Since November 2014 he has anchored CNN Today with Amara Walker on CNNi, before this he anchored the 10 am ET edition of International Desk and in early 2013 joined Suzanne Malveaux as co-anchor of CNN USA's Around The World at noon ET, an hour-long bulletin focusing on international news. Previously, he was the host of CNNI's behind-the-news program BackStory.

He attended Wesley College, Perth High School from 1973–77. Holmes began his career at the Daily News newspaper in Perth at the age of 17. Prior to his work at CNN, he was a reporter for more than a decade for Australia's Nine Network in Perth, Sydney, London and Melbourne. He spent four years based in London, covering Northern Ireland, the first Intifada, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the first Gulf War and other major stories.

He was the first Australian anchor hired by CNN International and has reported extensively around the world, including multiple deployments to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, as well as the Israel/Palestinian conflict and the 2011 uprising in Libya. In 2004 he was in a CNN convoy ambushed by insurgents in Iraq which cost the lives of two staff members. One deployment to Iraq during the deadliest time of the war resulted in the CNN Documentary "Month of Mayhem", which won the 2007 CINE "Golden Eagle".

Holmes has nearly 35 years of experience in journalism and has worked as a foreign correspondent in dozens of countries. He currently resides in Atlanta.

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