Michael I of Wallachia

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Michael I
Mircea and Mihail.jpg
Michael with his father Mircea
Voivode of Wallachia
Reign 1418 – August 1420
Predecessor Mircea I
Successor Dan II
House House of Basarab
Father Mircea I
Mother Maria Tolmay
Died August 1420

Mihail I (?-1420) was a member of the House Basarab and the only legitimate son born to Mircea the Elder. A voivode (nobleman) of the principality of Wallachia he co-ruled with his father from 1408 until his father's death in 1418 when he became sole ruler of Wallachia. He continued Wallachia's strong defense of the Bulgarians against their common enemy the fundamentalist Muslim Ottoman Empire whom he defeated in Severin, only to be killed in battle by their counter-offensive in 1420. He is revered by Bulgarians for the protection he provided both south and north of the Danube.

Regnal titles
Preceded by
Mircea I
Prince of Wallachia
Succeeded by
Dan II