Michael Koretzky

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Michael Koretzky
Occupation Journalist
Nationality American
Subject Jazz

Michael Koretzky is an American journalist, editor and writer.

Koretzky attended the University of Florida in the early 1980s, where he worked at the Independent Florida Alligator, UF's student-run newspaper. After several attempts he was selected to become the editor in chief in 1987[1] of the country's largest student-run newspaper.

He has worked at several publications including the Sun-Sentinel in Florida and XS.[2] While working at the Sentinel, covering the city of Boynton Beach, he started his own publication, Ice Magazine.[3]

He also briefly owned Free Press[4] a magazine in Palm Beach County, Florida.

In addition to that he produced a local South Florida zine called Slug. In one of the issues he rubbed two top 100 newspapers the wrong way by obtaining internal memos from the Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post and publishing them.[5]

He also was the managing editor of the world's largest jazz magazine, Jazziz.[6]

Koretzky was the adviser for Florida Atlantic University's student-run newspaper, the University Press for almost 12 years. He was accused of ethical violations in 2004 by FAU's Student Government and almost fired and fined $6,000[7] On May 18, 2010 Koretzky announced he was let go from the UP because of a reorganization of FAU's student media.

Koretzky also organized a First Amendment Free Food Festival[8][9] on the campus of Florida Atlantic University on Constitution Day in 2006. He received a grant from College Media Advisers and the South Florida Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists to host the event. Because of its success Koretzky has been asked to help other college campuses host similar events across the nation.


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