Michael Lynch (ethnomethodologist)

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Michael Lynch is a professor at the department of Science and Technology Studies at Cornell University.[1] His works are particularly concerned with ethnomethodological approaches in science studies. Much of his research has addressed the role of visual representation in scientific practice. He is currently the editor of Social Studies of Science.[2]

Selection of works by Michael Lynch[edit]

  • 1997 Scientific practice and ordinary action: ethnomethodology and social studies of science. Cambridge University Press
  • 1990 Representation in Scientific Practice. (ed) MIT Press
  • 1988 "The externalized retina: Selection and mathematization in the visual documentation of objects in the life sciences" Human Studies Volume 11, Numbers 2-3
  • 1981 "The Work of a Discovering Science Construed with Materials from the Optically Discovered Pulsar." (with Garfinkel and E. Livingston) Philosophy of the Social Sciences 11: 131-158.