Michael Magnafichi

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Michael G. Magnafichi
Michael Magnafichi (mug shot).jpg
Born February 16, 1962
Other names Mike Mags, Good Looking Mike
Spouse(s) Karyn Tobin (divorced)
Children Michael E. Magnafichi

Michael Magnafichi is a member of the Chicago Outfit. He is the son of Lee Magnafichi, who also was a member of the Outfit, supposedly working under John "Jackie The Lackey" Cerone.[1] Michael would later become Jackie Cerone's personal driver.

In a declassified 2002 FBI memorandum, Magnafichi was identified as one of the principal threats to the safety of mob turncoat Nick Calabrese, a cooperating witness in the Operation Family Secrets trial.[2][3]

Some sources claim that Michael, along with Rudy Fratto, was or still is an Elmwood Park street boss under Peter DiFronzo, brother of Outfit leader John DiFronzo.[4] However, an in-depth interview of Michael Magnafichi by Outfit historian Joseph Fosco alluded that Michael has not been actively involved with the Outfit for years.[5]

Recently Michael, who spent years running book for the Chicago Outfit, began producing a sports podcast.[6]


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