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Michael C. Pousti is an American businessman. Pousti currently is chairman and chief executive officer of SMS.ac, a mobile social data-communication company with more than 40 million members[1] SMS.ac claims to be adding as many as 750,000 customers each month. Clients must agree to watch one daily advertisement sent to their phone and pay for message units. Cellular customers get the monthly bill, which averages about US$ per month, on their cell phone statements, and their wireless carriers get a portion of SMS.ac's revenue.[2]

Prior to SMS.ac, Pousti co-founded CollegeClub.com in 1995 and served as chairman and chief executive officer[3] until the company's sale in 2000.[4] CollegeClub.com continues as a subsidiary of other companies.[5]

Pousti also runs fanbox.com which has been compared to Plaxo, and criticised for allegedly sending spam messages by John Biggs of TechCrunch.[6] Fanbox later reached out to TechCrunch and presented the solution they implemented for an easier opt-out process.[7]



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