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Michael R. Fuljenz (born August 1954) is a prominent numismatist whose extensive knowledge in gold and rare coin numismatics has made him a noteworthy authority in American coins. Fuljenz has collaborated with other leading numismatists such as Q. David Bowers, Walter Breen, and Scott A. Travers in detailing the history and varieties of all U.S. coins, from colonial times to today.

Fuljenz's career and love of the hobby of coin collecting dates back to his youth when his father, a lawyer, introduced him to the hobby. In the seventies he became the editor of the Southwest Louisiana Coin Club. Shortly after, he was chosen to write a column titled “Mike’s Musings” for Numismatic News.

From 1982-1998, he taught classes for the American Numismatic Association (ANA) on counterfeit detection, coin grading, gold and commemorative coinage. He is also a past recipient of the ANA's Presidential Service Award for his long-running professional service to the numismatic industry.[1] Additionally, he has previously served as the committee chairman of ANACS the grading and authentication service of the ANA.

He is the recipient of thirty-five Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG) awards in nine separate categories.[2] This includes four awards in Investment “Book of the Year” categories and thirteen awards for investment and collectable newspapers.[3] He has also been included as a cameo character in a novel titled Hulagu's Web - The Presidential Pursuit of Senator Katherine Laforge as a numismatist who helps the protagonist raise money for her campaign by collecting and divesting of her coin collection.

Early years[edit]

Michael Fuljenz grew up in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The son of Raymond Fuljenz, an attorney and juvenile court prosecutor. It was his father who introduced him to the hobby of coin collecting and at 12 years old, Fuljenz's short lived lawn mowing career provided him the money to purchase his first uncirculated set of steel cents. Fuljenz's interest in coins and the world of numismatics grew and soon he was President of his local coin club and then Chairman of the Louisiana State Coin Convention. Fuljenz's early career was that of a school teacher and principal before making his mark in the world of numismatics. As he became an acknowledged expert in the world of coins, he taught seminars on counterfeit detection and gold and silver coinage. In the 1980s and 1990s, he taught over twenty seminars for the American Numismatic Association (ANA).[4]


Fuljenz is the author of four rare-coin books:

  • Indian Gold Coins of the 20th Century, July 2010 ISBN 0-9819488-9-8
  • Type III Double Eagles 1877-1907: A Numismatic History and Analysis, May 2009 ISBN 0-9819488-0-4
  • Type II Double Eagles 1866-1876: A Numismatic History and Analysis, January 2008 ISBN 0-9652413-0-0
  • The Collector’s Guide to $10 Indian Head Eagles: Indian Gold Coins of the 20thCentury Volume One, January 2007

Besides authoring his own books, Fuljenz has been a contributor to a number of other publications, including:


Fuljenz is the President of Universal Coin & Bullion,[5] a company that buys and sells rare American coins and bullion. Its corporate headquarters are located in Beaumont, Texas. Fuljenz's company has grown into one of the largest coin and bullion dealers of America coinage.[6]

Public services[edit]

  • 1995–Present Board Member - Industry Counsel for Tangible Assets (ICTA)[7]
  • 1987-1989 Chairman American Numismatic Association Certification Service
  • 1983 Vice President U.S. Commemorative Society
  • 1974 Chairman Louisiana Numismatic Association State Convention
  • 1972-1975 President Southwest Louisiana Coin Club


Fuljenz has given numerous professional presentations, using his knowledge to help educate others interested in numismatics. He’s also been called on several times by national television networks for gold and coin consultations and a variety of media appearances:

  • Speaker: 1999-2009 Greater Houston Money Show
  • Speaker:Middle Atlantic Numismatic Association in Philadelphia (1984)
  • Speaker:Garden State Numismatic Convention in New Jersey (1984)
  • Speaker:Greater New York Numismatic Convention Author's Symposium (1985)
  • CNBC's Smart Money
  • Fox Business
  • Bloomberg TV
  • USA Today
  • New York Times
  • WOR Radio's Smart Money
  • Smart Money with Ken and Daria Dolan (Cable TV)
  • NRA News
  • Brian Sussman Show KFSO
  • KLVI Radio, Beaumont, Texas (2010 NLG Award-Winning Radio Show)
  • WWL Radio New Orleans
  • KWHY Channel 22 in Los Angeles


As mentioned above, Fuljenz has been the recipient of a great many awards.[8] They include thirty-five NLG (Numismatic Literary Guild) awards in nine separate categories. This includes four awards in Investment “Book of the Year” categories and thirteen awards for investment and collectable newspapers. His most current award (2010) was the NLG "Investment Book of the Year Award: Indian Gold Coins of the 20thCentury"[9]


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