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Michael Wildman is a British actor who appeared in the film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. He played the role of aggressive, feisty centaur Magorian, who plays a small part in the eventual outcome of the plot.

Prior to accepting this role, Michael was in the West End playing Lance Corporal Dawson in A Few Good Men, alongside Rob Lowe, and other programmes, most notably the 5th episode of the British Sitcom Extras, alongside Samuel L. Jackson and in the part of the first Marc MacKenzie in Family Affairs.

Screen credits[edit]

  • The Sweeney (2012) as Evelyn Simmonds
  • Being Human (2012) as Milo
  • Acts Of Godfrey (2012) as Jamie
  • Me and Mrs Jones (2012) as Nero
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix as Magorian Centaur
  • Frankenstein ( 2007 ) DCI Connely
  • W delta Z ( 2007 ) as O'Hare
  • The Bourne Ultimatum ( 2007 ) as CRI Agent
  • Walter's War (2011) as Edward Tull
  • Primeval (2009) as Captain Ross
  • Miranda (2011) as The Gym Instructor (Series 1 Episode 3 Job)
  • Holby Blue ( 2008 ) as Adam Starkey
  • New Tricks (2010) as Milton Joseph
  • Plus One (2009) as Vic
  • "Waking the Dead" Black Run (2005) TV Episode as Tom
  • "Extras" Episode No.1.5 (2005) TV Episode as Danny
  • "Down to Earth" Ignorance Is Bliss (2005) TV Episode as Alex Faraday
  • "Family Affairs" (1997) TV Series as Marc MacKenzie No.1 (2003–2004)
  • "Peep Show" Episode No.1.5 (2003) TV Episode as Band Member
  • "Casualty"
  • A Hard Day's Night (2003) TV Episode as Rollo
  • Team Work (1999) TV Episode as Karl Lawrence
  • "Is Harry on the Boat?" Episode No.1.6 (2002) TV Episode as Josh
  • "happiness" (2001) TV Series as Toby X
  • "Smack the Pony"
Episode No.1.7 (1999) TV episode
Episode No.1.3 (1999) TV episode

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