Michaeliskirche (Ohrdruf)

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The Michaeliskirche (St. Michael's Church) in the Thuringian town of Ohrdruf was the site of Johann Sebastian Bach's first employment.

J. S. Bach was orphaned at the age of 10 and went to live with his eldest brother, Johann Christoph Bach, who was the organist at the Michaeliskirche. It contained a three-manual German baroque organ in a historic case of Austrian origin. It was here that Bach learned about organ building. The organ needed constant repairs, and he was sent into the organ often to fix minor problems.

Michaeliskirche was destroyed during World War II and only a tower fragment remains.

Coordinates: 50°49′43″N 10°44′05″E / 50.8285°N 10.7347°E / 50.8285; 10.7347