Michal Na'aman

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Michal Na'aman
Michal Na'aman, New York, 1978, photographer- Dganit Berest.jpg
Photograph of Michal Na'aman, 1978
Born November 19, 1951
Kvutzat Kinneret, Israel
Nationality Israeli
Known for Conceptual art Painter
Movement Israeli art

Michal Na'aman (born November 19, 1951) is an Israeli artist.


Michal Na'aman (born 1951, Kvutzat Kinneret, Israel) is a painter. Lives and works in Tel Aviv. Michal Na'aman belongs to a group of young artists who emerged in the early 1970s, and who are today at the forefront of Israeli art. From the outset she dealt with language, word play, shifting verbal patterns, and especially with the relationship between the written word and the visual image. Raffi Lavie (collage, photography, writing) and Conceptual art are the influences on her unique, sophisticated style.



Awards and prizes[edit]

Solo exhibitions[edit]

  • 1975 Vai Hi Oh, Yodfat Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • 1976 Backbiting, Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • 1977 Fish Bird, Russ Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • 1978 Michal Na’aman, New Works, Russ Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • 1980 Ducks and Rabbits, Bertha Urdang Gallery, New York.
  • 1981 Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • 1982 The Venice Biennale.
  • 1983 Michael Na’aman 1975-1983, Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
  • 1984 Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • 1985 Betzalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.
  • 1987 Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • 1989 Michal Na’aman, New Works, 1987–1989, Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • 1991 Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • 1998 Legion, Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • 1999 Legion, Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
  • 1999 Red and a Trickle of White, Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • 2001 Yester-Red, Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • 2006 Miracles on the Sea, Beit Gabriel, Jordan Valley
  • 2006 The eye of the Nation, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
  • 2010 A Smile, A Cat, A Cut", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv (cat.)
  • 2011 Fuck The Clock - Fresh Paint Fair - Gordon Gallery
  • 2013 Wit/ויץ/Wit, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv


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