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Michel Rodange (3 January 1827 – 27 August 1876) was a Luxembourgian writer and poet, best known for writing Luxembourg's national epic, Rénert the Fox.

Rodange was born in Waldbillig. He was a schoolteacher by profession, teaching in Steinsel and Larochette, although he later became a city worker in Echternach.

His most notable work was Rénert the Fox, published in 1872. An epic satirical work, an adaptation of the traditional Dutch language/Low German fox epic to a setting in Luxembourg, it is known for its insightful analysis of the unique characteristics of the people of Luxembourg, using regional and sub regional dialects to depict the fox and his companions.

The Lycée Michel-Rodange school in Luxembourg City is named after him. He has been featured on two postage stamps.