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Michel Seuphor

Fernand Berckelaers (Borgerhout, 10 March 1901 – 12 February 1999, Paris), pseudonym Michel Seuphor (anagram of Orpheus), was a Belgian painter.[1][broken citation]

Seuphor moved in Dutch, Belgian, and French avant-garde circles. He associated at various points with Theo van Doesburg and Piet Mondrian, and was influenced by their iconic Neo-plasticist works.[2] Along with Joaquin Torres-Garcia and Pierre Daura, Seuphor founded the abstract artists' group Cercle et Carré.[3] The group, which included luminaries such as Wassily Kandinsky and Le Corbusier, held one exhibition in 1930, then disbanded.[citation needed]

Seuphor wrote and edited two books; A Dictionary Of Abstract Painting (Tudor Publishing Co., 1958) and Abstract Painting: 50 Years Of Accomplishment (Dell Laurel Edition, 1964). These volumes, now out of print, remain among the most valuable documents of abstract painting in the 20th Century. Both books have numerous color illustrations which document the various paths that abstract painting took, especially after WWII.

Seuphor also assisted with the Tudor companion volume of his Dictionary Of Abstract Painting, the Dictionary Of Modern Painting, which documents all the various schools of painting in the 20th Century, including both abstract and realist painting.



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