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Michele Clark
Other names Michele Clark Dougherty
Occupation President/CEO
Known for Triple-A Radio Promotion and Sunset Sessions

Michele Clark (born January 3, 1967) in Englewood, New Jersey. She is an American business woman, artist manager, CEO of Michele Clark Entertainment,[1] and founder of Sunset Sessions .

Early life[edit]

Michele used to sneak out of her bedroom window and go see bands like John Eddie and the Front Street Runners, Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers, Robert Hazard and the Heroes, The Hooters, Glen Burtnik, Joey and the Works, Eddie and the Cruisers, Bruce Springsteen, and others around the New Jersey Shore and Philadelphia region as a teen with her best friend Kathie. They would sneak into The Stone Pony in Asbury Park almost every weekend. They lived in Turnersville New Jersey and soon were known by the bands they followed as "The T-Ville Girls". After some time at Fairleigh Dickinson in Teaneck and Glassboro State College, Michele decided to make the music her actual career and moved to California to go to The Trebas Institute for Recording Arts in Hollywood. She decided to get into radio promotion by helping a jazz guitarist, Glenn Alexander, get his song "Westfield" on Radio & Records' "New AC" Chart. Clark then worked for James Lewis Marketing, for a period of time doing radio promotion also and then went off on her own and started Michele Clark Promotion in 1990. Music industry veterans Daniel Glass, Jerry Lembo and Linda Feder were instrumental influences who helped her company at such an early age. She worked artists like Yanni, John Tesh, Mike Stern and Wendy Wall. The "New AC" format of radio turned into "NAC" and then eventually "Smooth Jazz".


Michele Clark Promotion[edit]

Michele Clark Promotion became one of the first few companies to work records to the new format Triple A radio format. Michele's best friend from college, Madeleine Chattah joined the company in the early 90s and worked records from her New York office. MCP started the Sunset Sessions events in March 1998. Madeleine exited the company at the end of 1998 and Michele hired Meg MacDonald from Vanguard Records immediately thereafter. Michele Clark Promotion won the Gavin Seminar's award for "Triple A Independent Promotion Person of the Year" in both 2001 and 2002. She also managed several artists such as Jim Smith, Maia Sharp[2] and John Eddie.[3] Michele executive produced John Eddie's Lost Highway release "Who The Hell is John Eddie". Clark changed the name of her company from Michele Clark Promotion to M:M Music in 2006 in preparation to sell the radio promotion division to Meg (the sale of which was officially finalized in March 2012). Now Clark's companies include Sunset Sessions (which was not part of the sale), Sunset Sessions Rock and Michele Clark Entertainment, and she is working on her first book The Hitwomen.

Sunset Sessions[edit]

Main article: Sunset Sessions

In March 1998, Michele Clark Promotion created and produced the first Sunset Sessions, which was initially just an event designed to showcase artists to Triple A radio programmers in beautiful locations around the world. In 2005 Clark expanded Sunset Sessions to also invite Music Supervisors from film, television, commercials, sports and video games. Each February's Sunset Sessions focuses on the Triple A format, and now there is also a June's event that is geared towards the Alternative rock and Active rock formats. Clark also launched the first ever Multi-Format Sunset Sessions Vegas on the rooftop of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in November 2012, not only to launch new artists but to benefit charities around the world.[4] Sunset Sessions also has tours and songwriters retreats. The last songwriter's retreat was in Tulum Mexico October 2013

Notable artists who have performed at Sunset Sessions are:

Personal life[edit]

Michele was born in Englewood New Jersey in 1967 and was raised in New Jersey solely by her mom Charlene. She met her husband Jack when she was 18 years old and they have been married since 1993. Michele & Jack live in Malibu Canyon since 1998 and have 4 children and 3 grandchildren (so far). Together they had Brittney (22)and Shawn (21) and Jack's older children Kristi (34) and Jason (30). Grandchildren are Ryann (10), Jaxon (7), and Logan (7). Michele is very spiritually motivated in her work and her life.


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