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Michele Morrow (born March 19 in Spokane, Washington) is an American actress, final girl, writer, producer & scream queen.[1]

In 2012, Morrow's image was included in a 60 foot painting by Tom Quinn in her hometown, named the "Logan Community Mural" at Gonzaga University's "University Bar & Grill" (formally, the iconic "Bulldog Tavern" 1947 - 2011). The mural depicts over 40 notable Spokanites, including Bing Crosby, David Lynch, Ingrid Bergman, Julia Sweeney and Tom Foley.


Morrow earned a B.A Degree in Drama at the University of Washington in Seattle before moving to Los Angeles, California.

Morrow's appearance in independent horror films has gained her the title of Scream Queen and Final Girl.[2]

Morrow starred in the 2009 horror movie Basement Jack, written by American film producer and screenwriter Brian Patrick O'Toole. Morrow plays the role of Karen Cook, the Final Girl in the film.[3] She appears alongside horror genre queens Tiffany Shepis and Lynn Lowry, as well as Joel Brooks and rock musician Billy Morrison from The Cult.

Morrow's work in Basement Jack garnered her the front page of Fangoria Magazine's online counterpart, with a two part interview titled "Beauty and the Basement".[4] Gorezone Magazine featured Morrow in a four page lingerie pictorial and interview, with rare photos of the actress donning brunette hair.[5] Gorezone later interviewed Morrow with the release of Saw VI about what it means to be a Final Girl and Scream Queen.

Morrow has also starred in several ensemble casts, which include Lionsgate release, Bled with musician Ivan Moody from 5 Finger Death Punch and the THINKFilm cult release, Slaughterhouse of the Rising Sun.[6] Morrow also appears as a gypsy pickpocket named, Sezah, in Ashley's Ashes in an another ensemble cast by FKF Media Group, including actors Orson Bean, Willie Garson, Andy Milder, Scott Michael Foster, Clint Howard, Craig Sheffer, and Daniel Baldwin.

Morrow is a weekly columnist for Zooey Deschanel's female centric blog, HelloGiggles, which was named among the top 100 websites for females in 2012 by Forbes.com.[7] Michele's article, "Level Up", focuses on video games and nerd culture. Level Up is featured on both Morrow's personal website and HelloGiggles.com. Morrow also makes vlogs for "Level Up" on YouTube.[8]

In October 2012, Morrow's writing was published in the rebooted horror magazine, Cinefantastique (CFQ), for a Zombie special issue. Morrow's article highlighted the most notable Zombie Video Games ever made, along with her top Zombie App recommendations.[9]

Rounding out the Gaming & Tech Network, Morrow is an on-air Host for two weekly shows on Bite Size TV & Mevio. Slated to be shooting inside Hollywood's W Hotel, Morrow's shows, "App Attack" (Mobile App Reviews), as well as "Chicks With Joysticks" (Gaming News) with co-host Chloe Dykstra, will be viewed live in a glass studio for fans to watch in the heart of downtown Hollywood.[10][11]

Michele will appear as one of the main characters in the science fiction webseries, Pen & Paper & Laser Guns, starting 2013. The creator, Bruce Monach, cast her as Tanya, a high powered lawyer and "in-game" medic. Other major cast members include popular cosplayers and actors: Matt Mercer, Marisha Ray, Chloe Dykstra, Jake Stormoen, David Nett, and Satine Phoenix.[12]

As a Producer and Co-Creator of the Foam Weapon League, Morrow signed a production deal with Brownstone Entertainment to turn the underground Los Angeles LARP and Superhero fight club into a television show.[13]

Morrow has also done several Commercials, ironically for both Microsoft and Apple. The latter sent production company, Super Delicious, back in time to produce That 70's House – a reality show on MTV that challenged modern day teens to live strictly by the fashion, entertainment and technology of the 1970s. The show was sponsored in part by Hewlett Packard, who had struck a deal with Apple. The Commercial for the “Then and Now” campaign compares life in the 1970s to life in the new century, focusing on how music was played before the iPod.[14] Morrow has also been hired for voice over work on G4's Gaming News TV Show, XPlay.

An avid animal lover, Morrow is a Brand Ambassador for the Los Angeles based apparel company, SpiritHoods. By entering her promotional discount code ( 8bity ), customers save 15% on all purchases. Morrow is often seen wearing the 100% faux fur, animal inspired SpiritHoods on all of her social media outlets.[15]

Personal life[edit]

Michele Morrow has been in a long term relationship with Michael Weitzman, the Senior Director of Development at Big Picture Group, since 2007. Prior to that she has been rumored to have dated Canadian singer Michael Bublé, American tennis star Jan-Michael Gambill and Academy Award Winner Daniel Lindsay.

World of Warcraft[edit]

Morrow takes a strong interest in video games and nerd culture. Known to World of Warcraft gamers, Morrow's fans dedicated a fanpage to crown her Lady Sylvanas, in the upcoming Warcraft movie.

Morrow is a guild and raid leader in the popular MMORPG, and has appeared several times on various World of Warcraft dedicated podcasts but is heard most frequently on The Hunting Party Podcast, where she has even been a guest Host.[16]

Active in the community, Morrow has attended Blizzcon in 2010 and 2011, and appeared as a special guest and live interviewee at the annual WoW Insider party to meet fans and players from around the world.[17] Also in 2011, Morrow was named one of the "Hottest Celeb Chicks Who Play WoW" by popular Warcraft Youtuber, TradeChat.[18]

After having a rib removal surgery from a previous accident in 2012, World of Warcraft fans took screenshots of their avatars using "healing spells" on Lady Sylvanas in the video game as a digital get-well card.[19]

2012 honored Morrow with an NPC in the newest expansion of World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria. "Mei Chele" can be found on The Wandering Isle in a house with her boyfriend Lamplighter Mu, and cats Azrael and Samus Aran.[20]


Many of Morrow's appearances, interviews and general announcements can be found on her official website.[21]


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