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The Michigan Underwater Preserve Council or MUPC is a private, non-profit, volunteer driven organization that oversees activities relating to all of Michigan's Underwater Preserves. The council was formed in order to educate divers and non-divers on the history and importance of the shipwrecks of the great lakes so that the public might assist in the preservation of Michigan's bottomland heritage.

Mission Statement:
The PURPOSE of the Council is to:

• Foster cooperative stewardship of the historical, cultural, natural and recreational resources associated with the preserves.
• Enhance the quality (safety, access and diver ethics) of preserve diving, and provide preserve-related opportunities for non-divers.
• Support and speak as a unified voice for the preserve committees.
• Promote wider involvement in the preserve council and individual preserves through membership, networking, partnerships and volunteers.
• Market the preserves, and cooperatively market diving in Michigan.
• Identify, support and participate in projects which benefit the state’s preserves (e.g., placement of marker buoys, development and application of new technologies, artificial enhancement, education)
• Provide input and advice on permits and preserve-related research efforts.
• Act as an information clearinghouse and referral service to: existing preserve committees, existing and potential preserve-related businesses, and groups interested in establishing new preserve committees.
• Facilitate communication among preserve committees and with different preserve stakeholders.
• Monitor, assess and develop positions on emerging issues and factors which impact on the preserves and preserves committees. Communicate these positions to the legislature, relevant agencies and organizations, and preserve stakeholders.

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