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Mickey Zucker Reichert (born as Miriam S. Zucker in 1962[citation needed]) is an American fantasy fiction author[1] of several best selling novels. She is known for her Renshai series, which provides a different perspective on traditional Norse mythology.

Published works[edit]

Bifrost Guardians[edit]

Volume 1[edit]

  • Godslayer (1987): A young man is drafted to Vietnam and prays to Freyr, the Norse god of war, during a battle. His prayers are answered. He finds himself in a new world, battling wizards, swordsman, and even dragons.
  • Shadow Climber (1988): A young orphan learns to survive the tough streets. He becomes a master thief. And he goes on to become a part of a heroic group.
  • Dragonrank Master (1989): A young woman who is incredibly talented in magic is entangled in a deadly plot. A group of heroes come to her rescue.

Volume 2[edit]

  • Shadow's Realm (1990): A heroic group returns to a member's home, and deals with the consequences
  • By Chaos Cursed (1991): The heroic group has become epic. They travel through time itself to return to a member's home in modern New York City in hopes of defeating an incredible power

Renshai Trilogy[edit]

An epic tale of a battle between good vs evil vs neutrality. It brings alive Norse mythology. The story largely centers around the survivors from a tribe of master swordsmen that are nearly decimated in a coordinated attack by the majority of their neighboring countries, and a few other interesting characters.

These three books focus on the character of Colbey Calistinsson in addition to other characters that play central roles in the storyline. Colbey is the most skilled swordsman the Renshai tribe has ever known. Yet, after his tribe is almost completely eradicated, he is forced to search for purpose and also determine a new course for his existence. Otherwise the evil forces of the East will destroy the neutral forces of the West in the Great War that is prophesied to plunge more than half of the continent in a violent war.

Later in the series Colbey acquires powerful telepathic and psychic abilities. This, he discovers in the third book, stems from his heritage. Colbey is in fact the son of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, and the grandson of Odin, King of the Norse Gods. He is the son of a god and a mortal woman from a mighty warrior tribe (Renshai). However, true to character, he is undaunted by this knowledge, and soldiers on through many quests with his sense of purpose and his dedication to only do what he feels is right regardless of the consequences - even if it may possibly result in the Ragnarok and bring about the end of the world. Eventually, he marries the goddess Freya.


  • The Legend of Nightfall (1993)
  • The Return of Nightfall (2004)

Renshai Chronicles[edit]

  • Beyond Ragnarok (1995)
  • Prince of Demons (1996)
  • The Children of Wrath (1998)

Books of Barakhai[edit]

  • The Beasts of Barakhai (2001)
  • The Lost Dragons of Barakhai (2002)

Flight of the Renshai[edit]

  • Flight of the Renshai (2009)
  • Fields of Wrath: A Renshai Novel (February 3, 2015)

Miscellaneous novels[edit]

  • The Unknown Soldier (1994) -
  • Spirit Fox (1998) (with Jennifer Wingert)
  • Flightless Falcon (2000)
  • A Time to Die (2004)

I, Robot series[edit]

  • I, Robot: to protect (2011)
  • I, Robot: to obey (2013)


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