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Micro-Star International Co., Ltd
Traded as TWSE: 2377
Industry Computer hardware
Founded 1986
Founder Joseph Xu
Jeans Huang
Frank Lin
Kenny You
Henry Lu
Headquarters Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Key people
Joseph Xu (Chairman)
Products Notebooks, Motherboards, Video Cards, Barebone, Consumer Electronics, Servers, Industrial Computing, All-in-One PC,[1]
Revenue TW$73.95 billion / $2.465 billion (2013)
Number of employees
Website http://www.msi.com

MSI Overview[edit]

Micro-Star International Co., Ltd (MSI) (Chinese: :微星科技, "Micro-Star Technology") is a Taiwanese electronics company based in New Taipei City, one of the world's largest information technology manufacturers with its Baoan Plant in Shenzhen and research and development facilities in Kunshan, manufacturing a range of IT products including notebook PCs, motherboards, graphics cards, All-in-One PCs and gaming peripherals, servers, industrial computers, household appliances, car infotainment products, barebones systems, and multimedia devices.

MSI GAMING Overview[edit]

MSI GAMING Series: one of MSI’s most distinctive product lines to incorporate high-end, durable components that have passed the military class certification. Aimed at fulfilling the needs and expectations that gamers demand, the MSI GAMING Series offers the edge they need in speed, sound, sight, and stability. Catering to entry level, hardcore and professional gamers, the MSI GAMING Series covers notebook PCs, motherboards, graphics cards, All-in-One PCs and gaming peripherals.

MSI GAMING Totem[edit]

The MSI GAMING Shield’s black & red design signifies the resonance of stability (black) with passion (red). Accentuated by the dragon, the shield is a symbol of power and constitutes the MSI GAMING Identity System.


MSI GAMING Products Category[edit]

  • GT series - Enthusiastic gaming platform
  • GS series - Ultra slim and gaming platform
  • GE series - Mainstream gaming platform
  • GP series - On-Line gaming platform


MSI was established in August 1986 in Jhonghe, Taipei by 5 founders – Xu Xiang (a.k.a. Joseph Xu), Huang Jinqing (a.k.a. Jeans Huang), Lin Wentong (a.k.a. Frank Lin), You Xian'neng (a.k.a. Kenny Yu), and Lu Qilong (a.k.a. Henry Lu). MSI first concentrated on developing and manufacturing computer motherboards and graphics cards. In 1987, the company produced the first overclocking motherboard.

MSI has also expanded into mainland China, opening its Baoan Plant in Shenzhen in 2000 and establishing research and development facilities Kunshan in 2001.

In 2008, MSI established FUNTORO, a subsidiary, providing comprehensive IT solutions for vehicle infotainment, passenger information system, and operations control in the field of public transit services.



  • MSI introduced the first overclockable 286 motherboard


  • MSI introduced the first 486/586 motherboard


  • MSI introduced Dual Pentium Pro-based motherboard (MS-5129)


  • MSI introduced the Intel Pentium II-based motherboard with Intel MMX Technology built-on board, along with the first graphics card product (MS-4413), and the first barebone product
  • MSI inaugurated its Plant I in Jung-He city


  • MSI became a public company as it went on IPO (Initial Public Offering) on the Taipei Stock Exchange (TAIEX)


  • MSI introduced the first Socket 7 based motherboard (MS-5169)


  • MSI Computer (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was founded
  • MSI inaugurated its Plant III in Jung-He city
  • MSI introduced the first Set-Top Box product


  • MSI Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was founded


  • MSI introduced the first PC2PC Bluetooth & WLAN motherboard


  • MSI introduced the first Pen Tablet PC product (PenNote3100).[2]



  • MSI’s annual NB shipment topped 100K


  • MSI introduced the first solar-powered notebook and MP3 player product (Concept Product)[citation needed]
  • MSI introduced the first Industrial Computing product[citation needed]




  • MSI introduced first Ultra Slim Notebook (X320)[citation needed]
  • MSI introduced the first All-in-One PC (AP1900)[citation needed]
  • MSI Netbook & Car Infotainment product won the Best Choice of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2009 Awards[citation needed]


  • MSI introduced the Military Class motherboard series[citation needed]
  • MSI X620 Notebook and Wind U160 Netbook won the iF Product Design Awards[citation needed]
  • MSI introduced the first 24” 3D All-in-One PC[citation needed]
  • MSI Wind Top AE2220 won the prestigious CeBIT Preview Awards for 2010.[3]
  • MSI Motherboard & Car Infotainment product won the Best Choice of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010 Awards.[4]
  • MSI Notebook (X360) won the Buyers’ Choice Awards in COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010.[5]
  • MSI introduced the first SSI Blade Server.[6]
  • MSI N460GTX Hawk Graphics Card won the 2011 CES Innovations Awards.[7]
  • MSI won one of Top 100 Taiwan Brands, distinguished among 500 brands.[8]


  • MSI introduced the first PCI Express Gen 3 motherboard
  • MSI Z68A-GD80(G3) motherboard & GT780DXR notebook won the 2012 CES Innovations Awards.[9]
  • MSI GT70 gaming laptop won the Best Choice of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2012 Awards and the Media’s Choice Awards.[10]
  • MSI Z77A-GD65 motherboard won the Tom’s Hardware Awards.[11]


  • MSI won the 2013 CES Innovations Awards with the GT70 Dragon Edition notebook and the N680GTX Lightning graphics card.[citation needed]
  • MSI was awarded from Taiwan Excellence for 15 consecutive years.[12]
  • The Z87-GD65 GAMING is the No. 1 and only Best Choice Golden Awarded motherboard. – COMPUTEX 2013[13]
  • The Funtoro HD MOD vehicle infotainment system won the Best Choice of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2013 Awards.[13]

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