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MicroVolts Logo.jpg
The Original Microvolts Logo
Developer(s) NQ Games
Publisher(s) Rock Hippo Productions, Ltd.
Platform(s) PC
Release date(s) August 12, 2010
Genre(s) Third-Person Shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Distribution www.microvolts.com

MicroVolts is a massively multiplayer online game third-person shooter anime-style video game developed by Korean developer SK iMedia and published by Toronto-based publisher Rock Hippo Productions for the PC. MicroVolts released its first closed beta phase on August 12, 2010[1] and launched its second closed beta on January 28, 2011.[2] The game’s open beta phase began on March 10, 2011.[3] Rock Hippo Productions announced that the official release of the game would start on June 9, 2011.[4]

The game was ranked as the Second Most Anticipated MMO of 2010 by MMOSite’s Reader’s Choice Awards.[5] It was also named as MMOGames' Editor's Choice in April 2011.[6]


The game is set in the real world where toys have come to life behind closed doors. A secret battle began between six original figures, code-named MicroVolts. Naomi, Knox, Pandora, C.H.I.P, Kai and Simon(New Figure to MicroVolts Surge). were the names of the original prototypes, but they were soon joined by other modified versions. The toys now battle it out in an all out war for valuable battery resources and ultimate supremacy of their Micro World.[7]


The game has seven main characters that are said to be the original, limited-edition toy prototypes- Knox, Naomi, Pandora, C.H.I.P,Amelia, Rapper and Kai.[8]


Knox is a hip hop action figure. He is known for his jokester ways and his seemingly tough guy appearance.


Naomi is the first female doll in the Micro World. She is a friendly high school girl but uses her approachable appearance to mislead her enemies.


Named after a Greek myth, Pandora uses evil tricks to dominate the playground. Pandora also despises Naomi, a young anime doll. Things get ugly when these two cross each other's paths.


Kai was the last figure created for the MicroVolts toy line, being outsourced to a manufacturer in the Far East. After a long journey, he has finally been reunited with the other four prototypes. His tactical awareness and diplomatic skills give him a unique edge on the playground.


C.H.I.P. or "Complex Humanoid Interchangeable Parts" is a mechanized Stikfas Figure originally created using spare parts salvaged from a junk yard. His voice system was damaged in a previous battle for battery resources, and he is constantly mocked because of it.


Akira Wakui’s website reveals that there is a possibility that he may have designed some exclusive character customizations for the game, as several of his figures in his Storm Street Zero gallery bear a striking resemblance to the game’s C.H.I.P. character, but this has yet to be announced or introduced into the game.[9]


Amelia is a new female elf character. "Amelia, the purifying. Must go on an adventure with humans and save the world"


Unique to MicroVolts is the fact that players have access to all 7 types of weapons within a given match, unrestricted by class. The 7 types of weapons include: Melee, Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Gatling Gun, Bazooka and Grenade Launcher.[10] Each player starts out equipped with a basic weapon of each type and can and purchase more weapons through Micro Points from the in-game shop.

New players receive a set of Trial weapons for a week. These weapons possess much better stats than the default stock ones. Unlike weapons bought with RT, these need no repairs. This helps the player to build up an amount of MP before he levels up.


Game modes[edit]

There are 11 game modes in MicroVolts: Team Death Match, Free For All, Item Match, Capture the Battery, Close Combat, Elimination, Zombie Mode, Arms Race, Invasion, Scrimmage, Bomb Battle and Boss battle.[11] Each mode requires the player to use different skills in order to succeed. While some of the modes rely on team play and cooperation such as Team Death Match and Elimination, other modes require a player to play offensively such as in Free For All and Close Combat and Arms Race.

Boss Battle is a special mode where 1-4 players have to fight an enormous robot and mini-robots. These robots are called "Trackers". On the mission to defeat the robot players must avoid the attacks and destroy the mini-robots in order to survive. Successfully defeating the mother-robot and winning the mode will give each player a gift box of Gold, Silver or Bronze. While Gold gift box is the rarest Silver and Bronze gift boxes come next. Each box will contain a random gift and getting a better gift depends on the rarity of the box. These boxes can contain 500MP - 5000MP amount, Instant re-spawn, Penalty down, No penalty, Coupons or a Rare melee weapon(Gold/Silver/Bronze - Tracker head). Gold/Silver/Bronze - Tracker head can only be gained through the specific type of box for each melee. Completing the mode won't give the player any experience points or micro points(MP) as in other modes. The players will only receive a gift box containing random gifts as mentioned above.

Modes to be released: A Single player classic "Zombie" mode layout where waves of 'Zombies' attempt to kill you each wave, and it gets exponentially harder each wave. At this time there are not many details on this mode.[citation needed]


There are 27 different maps in-game, each featuring a different theme, layout and size.[12] The 25 toy-like environment maps include: Junk Yard, Castle, Neighbourhood, House Top, Model Ship, PVC Factory, Chess, Battle Mine, Toy Garden, Magic Paper Land, The Studio, Toy Fleet, Academy, Hobby Shop, Bitmap, Wild West, Rumpus Room, Cargo, PVC Factory (Night), Forgotten Junk Yard, Beach, Tracker Factory, Bitmap 2, Rock Band, Rock Band W, Rock Band S and Foosball.

 The Reactor map is only for Invasion. Academy invasion is the only map for the Boss battle.[13]
 Some maps are exclusive to certain game modes.

Game features[edit]

Battery Charge[edit]

Battery Charge is the game’s reward system. By completing certain activities, players are able to unlock new rewards in the form of Micro Points, forum signature, image/video posting privileges, Poll creation, and for a 25% charge earn a "RockHippo" set playable for the Knox character. The Battery Charge System is currently removed but developers are planning on a new and better System similar to this one.[14]

Achievement system[edit]

By completing certain objectives in-game, players unlock achievements. Completing achievements allows players to gain a large sum of Micro Points to spend in-game.[15] The achieve system however is left in an early stage, and it never plays a serious role later on. There have been no updates to it since it was first introduced. A player can simply "track" these achievements with a button available from the achievements page, and complete them with a second account in a few hours. However, this is a one-time-only chance to get Micro Points.

Community events and forum[edit]

MicroVolts regularly hosts game tournaments, social media and forum events for their players to participate in. Past events have included a Splash of Colour Event, which invited players to colour-in a wallpaper design and submitted as an official MicroVolts wallpaper and a CrossVolt Contest which quizzed players on their MicroVolts game IQ. The game also hosts large scale game tournaments periodically.[16]

Competitive and social features[edit]

The game engages with players through their social networks on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and MySpace. Their website also features a Club House area which grants players access to unique community features.[17] A Clan Feature was introduced to the game upon its Official Release.[18] Players are able to create, manage and challenge other clans in-game for domination of the Micro World. At one brief point RockHippo offered a free lollipop melee weapon for connecting Facebook to Microvolts.


MicroVolts is released under the free-to-play category of games where the game itself is free to download and play, and where revenue is generated from micropayments. Players are able to buy the in-game currency, called Rock Tokens (RT), to purchase exclusive items to customize their characters. Hair, face, top, bottom, hands, shoes and accessories for each character can be made to upgrade the character’s abilities such as faster run speed, additional health points and extra weapon bullets. Additional weapons upgrades can also be obtained.[19]

Customizable options, however, can also be purchased through in-game points called Micro Points (MP).[20] Micro Points can be earned by players by playing the game. Within a given match, the amount of Micro Points given to a player is determined by their kill/death ratio, their mission accomplishments, a win or loss and the duration of the match itself. Micro Points are also given for accomplishing certain objectives in their in-game Achievement System, completing objectives in their Battery Charge system or by leveling up their characters.[21]

A comprehensive update of MicroVolts, (11/11/11) introduced a new "Capsule" icon, which is generally a gumball machine that you can get all those items mentioned beforehand. The capsule machine can currently be used with RT. Rock Hippo Productions introduced MP mode too, for the capsule machine, but they removed this feature soon after. Most likely because people exploited it with creating thousands of new accounts, and spinning the machine endless, until they hit an MP Jackpot, resulting in millions of MP points. Most capsule weapons do not require repairing, and MP weapons are less powerful than RT weapons.

Players level-up their characters through gaining experience points within a played match. Experience points are determined by a player’s kill/death ratio in a match, a win/loss of a match, mission accomplishments and the duration of the match. When a player levels-up, additional customizable options also becomes available to a player.[22] This only applies to lower levels, which the player can reach easily and fast.

Reception and recognition[edit]

MicroVolts was awarded Second Place in MMOSite’s Reader’s Choices for the Most Anticipated MMO of 2010[23] and was MMOGames' Editor's Choice in April 2011.[24]

The gaming community welcomed this third-person shooter as something new and different, as most shooter MMOs are from the first-person perspective. The ability for characters to carry 7 weapons at once, freely switching between each, "makes gameplay feel varied and unique".[25]

Reviews have highlighted the game’s larger-than-life environments as giving the game a "different feel and approach to the online-action genre"[26] and having a distinct fast-paced gameplay.

Upon release of MicroVolts, it was also noted by some gamers as baring similarities to Team Fortress 2 as an early trailer for MicroVolts had comparable graphic styles.[27] All the weapons in the game are equivalents of TF2 weapons.


May 9, 2010 – Forum Development
August 12, 2010 – First Closed Beta Phase
January 28, 2011 – Second Closed Beta Phase
March 10, 2011 – Open Beta Phase
June 9, 2011 – Official Release


MicroVolts - Code-name of the original four toy prototypes.
MicroVolter - A player of MicroVolts.
Micro World - The place where MicroVolters and MicroVolts exist.
Micro Points - In-game points earned by players through playing the game.
MicroVolting - The act of playing MicroVolts.
Swapping - The ability to switch from a weapon to another, generally used on explosives, in a way that the reload is ignored.
Wavestepping - Technique which uses Swapping in mid-air, by shooting on land, switching to melee, jumping, and then switching to another weapon to shoot.
Heavywaving - The act of heavy waving was where one warms up the MicroGun, but switches to fire a round of shotgun or a grenade and switching back to the MicroGun fast enough so that the warm up time is cancelled thus being able to get off lots more damage. It has since been patched due to being deemed 'overpowered' by SK iMedia (NQ Games) around November 2011. A video of the heavy wave can be found on the YouTube channel "MicroVoltsExploits" or http://www.youtube.com/microvoltsxploits Ks-Kill Steal

The capsule machine[edit]

The capsule machine (released November 11, 2011) has been the most successful and profitable for RockHippo Productions and NQ Games. The Capsule Machines features 'rares' that are unique and cannot be won anywhere else in-game (On rare occasions players may be given the opportunity to compete in tournaments to win temporary version of these items). Rares include a gold, silver, and bronze form. All 7 weapons have versions of their 'rares.' There are also rare clothes to be won for each character as well as a few sets. Some have since been retired. The Capsule Machine costs 1,000 RT (roughly $1) a spin where the user spinning is guaranteed an item. The chances of winning a rare based on an 100k RockToken / Weapon experiment are roughly expressed in a 1 : 75 ratio (or a 1 in 75 chance of winning a rare). Clothes are easier to win and have a rough 1 : 25 ratio per rare. Whether or not the clothing won is HP or Speed is completely random and determined on the spot.

Bugs and glitches[edit]

On May 1, 2012 after the new "Maypole Challenge Update Patch" was released all users who previously never purchased RT logged into to find 1,073,000,000 Rock Tokens in their accounts (Exact number is unknown at this time). The Rock Tokens (or RT) was unusable in the shop and seemingly unusable period, but users who attempted to spin on the Capsule Machine with this RT would see that the "Click" button turned twice before saying the user had an insufficient amount of RT to use. Despite this message, an item was still added to the user's inventory. When the user logged out of went to their inventory and back to the Capsule Machine their previous amount of one billion remained allowing them to indefinitely win rares on the Capsule Machine. 3 hours after the release of the patch Rock Hippo Productions put the servers under emergency maintenance and fixed this bug. The glitched rares were removed over the next few days using an unknown pattern found by the Technical Team.

Despite RHP's attempts to fix the first dreaded Capsule Bug, a second bug was discovered by a good many number of MicroVolts' players the right after the server was put back up after the 1 billion RT bug was fixed. Players who had exactly 1,000 RT were able to spin indefinitely on the Capsule Machine. Similar to the 1 billion RT Capsule Bug, this one provided the same message and worked the same way except no RT was deducted from the user's amount when they spun on the Capsule Machine allowing them (again) to win an indefinite amount of rares and items. This bug was fixed 3 days after it was discovered with another emergency maintenance patch on May 4, 2012. The glitched rares from that bug were then removed over the next few days.

A final maintenance to remove all previously "bugged" rares from players accounts ended very badly as some users who may or may not have bugged any rares at all whatsoever logged into find (1) or more of their ADV weapons and or legitimate Capsule rares missing. Some players even found that retired Capsule items or clothes had gone missing. Despite these events Rock Hippo Productions never urged players to contact support to regain their rares and some of the few that did were even refused resulting in many players feeling upset with the NQ games and RHP for their customer service.

Despite all some of these incidents and actions performed by users going against RHP's policy or code of conduct no users were banned from these events that took place.

Coupons and Coupon Shop[edit]

Players will occasionally receive coupons while spinning the capsule machine. Coupons can also be rarely gained by playing the in-game mode "Boss Battle". Even though coupons are rare to find they can be traded for the most powerful in-game weapons at the coupon shop which are mainly considered as 'God-Tier' weapons. There are also some unique rare weapons that can be found exclusively at the coupon shop. The coupon shop also include several rare weapons which are not available at the capsule machine anymore and a few limited time RT weapons.

Hackers and cheating[edit]

The game uses X-Trap, a well-known anti-cheat protection in free-to-play online games.

As the game is free-to-play, it is often attacked by online hacker communities. These happen with a wave-like pattern, as newer and newer X-Trap and game defects gets discovered. In the past the game had speed and aim hackers. X-Trap is known to ban such offenders within a few minutes. There was an exception however, where it took a few weeks for X-Trap and Rock Hippo to remove the new speed hackers. This caused an outrage in the community, as the game was unplayable during that time.

Current cheats are "fast-fire" and the unlimited range "lollipop". Both are cheats, not simple glitches. Fast-fire is literally spamming the current weapon without delay. Resulting in hundreds of fired shots within a single second. Lollipop is a special, one week only weapon, which the player gets by "connecting" his or her account to Facebook. With the cheat, the hacker can attack anyone in sight from any distance with the mellee weapon.

Glitches on maps[edit]

No glitches at the moment


No bugs in this moment


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