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Microcosm Ltd is a UK company established in 1979. Its early claims to fame included Silicon Disk System in 1981 and Microcache (the world's first disk cache for microcomputers) in 1982.[1]

Since 1989, it has concentrated on computer security, firstly with CopyControl (a software-based copy protection system), then Dinkey Dongle (small hardware copy protection keys that connect to parallel or USB ports). In 2005, it produced CopyMinder (software-based copy protection that uses the Internet where possible to provide an 'intelligent' copy protection system). More recently, it has expanded its security products by producing SmartSign (a 2-factor authentication system that uses mobile devices to control access to web pages).


  • 1979 – Microcosm Limited was established in London (UK)
  • 1981 – Silicon Disk System (the world's first RAM disk for microcomputers) released
  • 1982 – Microcache (the world's first disk cache for microcomputers) released
  • 1989 – CopyControl floppy disk protection released
  • 1989 – Microcosm moved to Bristol (UK)
  • 1994 – CopyControl UnLock-It software based protection released
  • 1995 – Microcosm receives Ziff-Davis Europe award (finalist, best UK product) for CopyControl 1.65
  • 1995Parallel port Dinkey Dongle released
  • 2000USB port Dinkey Dongle released
  • 2005 – CopyMinder Internet-based software protection released
  • 2008 – The world's first driverless combined Flash Drive and dongle released
  • 2014 – SmartSign released, providing 2-factor authentication by means of mobile devices


  1. ^ Peter Cheesewright, Microcomputers Come of Age. The Journal of the Operational Research Society, 32(10):932–933, October 1981. doi:10.2307/2581237

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