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Not to be confused with Microsoft Mobile.

They are a set of personalized mobile services created specifically for mobile devices. It is offered through the applications and mobile browser for Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad (iOS), Nokia or Android.

Applications and Web Services[edit]

Mobile Service App Web SMS Exchange ActiveSync Description Status
Calendar Mobile B-check.svg B-check.svg Yellow check.svg Web-based version of Windows Live Calendar designed for mobile devices to view, schedule and manage calendar appointments and events. SMS service for users to query today and tomorrow's appointments in their Windows Live Calendar Final
Contacts Mobile B-check.svg B-check.svg B-check.svg Yellow check.svg Web-based version of Windows Live Contacts designed for mobile devices for access to contact information. Client-based version allows integration of the Windows Live contact list with the mobile device's address book. Also allow users to query contact information via SMS Final
Groups Mobile B-check.svg Web-based version of Windows Live Groups designed for mobile devices Final
Hotmail Mobile B-check.svg B-check.svg B-check.svg Yellow check.svg Web- and client-based version of Hotmail that targets mobile devices, and allow new email alerts via SMS Final
Windows Live Messenger Mobile B-check.svg B-check.svg B-check.svg Web- and client-based version of Windows Live Messenger that is designed for mobile devices, and allow users to send instant messages via SMS Final
Profile Mobile B-check.svg View and update user's own Windows Live Profile information using a mobile device Final
SkyDrive Mobile B-check.svg B-check.svg Web-based version of SkyDrive designed for mobile devices for accessing documents stored on the cloud. Client-based version allows upload of photos directly from a mobile phone camera. Final


Bing for mobile browser -[edit]

Mobile browsing allows users to access Bing on their mobile devices through WAP or GPRS connection. The interface is optimized for viewing on mobile handsets. Users can:

  • Search the web for information
  • Get news information
  • Find local businesses in the user's local area
  • Get maps and driving directions
  • Get answers to questions
  • In the UK and in Japan - "Find My Location" to pinpoint a user's location

In the U.S. on HTML-ready mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, and touch-screen Windows phones, further features are available:

  • Automatic location detection (geolocation)
  • Suggested local listings based on location and time of day
  • Save listings to Favorites, and send that list to friends
  • Movie listings with clips and trailers
  • Sports scores and stats, with real-time updates during games

The Bing for mobile browser is available in 31 markets worldwide.

Bing for mobile application[edit]

The Mobile Application is available as a Java ME application for non-Windows phones, as a richer .NET Framework application for Windows Phones, and as an application for BlackBerry OS, Android, iOS, and Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW). It provides local listings, maps (road and aerial satellite), driving directions, and traffic conditions. Other features include:

  • Predictive text input
  • Browse and search through business categories
  • Image search and image exploration
  • Speech recognition search input
  • Search results include a phone number and address; users may click to call for an immediate connection
  • Send search results to others using SMS
  • Find maps for specific addresses
  • Get directions to and from a destination
  • Get turn by turn directions using a GPS receiver
  • View traffic information for major roads in selected cities
  • Get weather forecasts
  • View movie showtimes and theaters
  • Turn-by-turn navigation for Windows 6.x phones.[1]

The Bing app for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) includes these further features:

  • Barcode and cover art scanning
  • Enhanced product listings
  • Social updates from Facebook and Twitter
  • Social search - see results from social network alongside web results
  • Share search results on Facebook, Twitter, or through email

The Bing app is available in the U.S. on a variety of Windows phones, Android platform devices, all BlackBerry devices, several BREW devices, iPhone and iPod Touch, and Sidekick devices.

Bing 411[edit]

In the United States, Microsoft operated a toll-free number (1-800-BING-411 or 1-800-CALL-411) for directory assistance called Bing 411. This service used voice search technologies powered by Tellme. Users are able to find and connect for free to local shops and restaurants and obtain driving directions, traffic reports, sports scores, stock quotes, weather reports through this service. These numbers were discontinued on July 1, 2012.

As a replacement for the above numbers, a non-toll-free number has been set up at 330-247-7411 and offers the same services. Also Bing has set up another toll free number at 888-247-2425 (no obvious acronym).

MSN Mobile[edit]

Main article: MSN Mobile

MSN Mobile includes mobile information and communications services for mobile devices from Microsoft as part of their MSN and Windows Live range of services. Many MSN sites can be directly accessed from mobile devices.

MSN Mobile product offerings originate from two mobile-focused groups within Microsoft's online services division. The oldest group, named Windows Live Mobile, primarily delivers SMS and WAP-based services. The newer group, MSN Mobile, started in August 2006 focused on bringing MSN premium and user generated content to mobile devices via both mobile browse and client applications.

There are two ways MSN Mobile can be accessed:

  • Mobile Browsing
  • Mobile Application


Mobile browsing[edit]

Mobile Browsing allows users to access MSN content and services optimized for their mobile devices. Users can:

  • Get MSNBC breaking news
  • View latest Fox Sports highlights and scores
  • Catch up on latest MSN entertainment, celebrity and movie news
  • Watch videos from the MSN Video service
  • Find local movie and showtimes in the user's local area *Get local weather forecast
  • Check their daily horoscope
  • Search the web for information
  • Chat with online buddies with Windows Live Messenger *Get maps and driving directions
  • Peruse
  • Get answers to questions

Mobile application[edit]

MSN Mobile client software is preloaded on many newer PDA and phones. Some carriers charge a premium to access this service. The client software usually allows IM and email access; some versions provide access to Spaces and Search as well. This application is available on Android,[2] Windows Phone[3] and later on iPad.[4]


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