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2006 champion James Swan
The field of Mid-American Stock Cars take the green flag at Lake Geneva Raceway in 2006
Former champion #5 Bill Prietzel, and long-time competitor #10 Bobby Gutknecht, taken in 2006

The Mid American Stock Car Series is a traveling Sportsman Series in the Midwestern United States. The series races exclusively on paved racetracks. The cars are based on a 108" metric stock frame, less costly suspension parts and a maximum of 358 cubic inch engine. The car's roll cage and chassis were made of a design very similar to the same chassis ran by NASCAR in the 80's, but have also included more modern chassis safety designs such as plated door bars and the "Earnhardt Bar" which runs from the roof to the dash.


The series was founded in 1993 by Gary Vercauteran. The Series was at one time a support class for the famous ARTGO Challenge Series. The Mid American corporation expanded to a traveling Supertruck Series named the Midwest Super Truck Series in 1995 and a traveling Super Late Model Series,[1] named the Midwest All-Star Racing Series (MARS) in 1999. The expansion also included the Stock Car Classics in 2004 and the American Stock Car League (ASL) in 2005. The passing of Vercauteran in October 2005 led to the purchase of Mid-American by long time employees Doug and Julie Strasburg. The Strasburgs kept only the Mid American Stock Car Series while MARS and ASL were dissolved. The Stock Car Classics split into two groups (Classic Racing Series and Midwest Stock Car Classics). The Super Trucks were absorbed into the United States Super Trucks or USST.

Strasburg ownership era[edit]

When the Strasburgs took over Mid American in 2006, the series was struggling with car counts and tracks willing to host races. The average car count average jumped from 20 entrants per race to 27. A season high 39 participants ran at the Milwaukee Mile during the Governor's Cup Weekend. Several tracks have renewed relationships with the Mid-American Stock Car Series such as the Golden Sands Speedway, Marshfield Super Speedway, Dells Raceway Park and Road America.

Quick facts[edit]

  • The series uses 8" Hoosier F-75 tires.
  • Approved fiberglass car bodies include those from FiveStar Bodies, CASCAR and ARP Bodies.

Notable alumni[edit]


Former tracks[edit]

Other tracks held the Super Truck Series events:

List of series champions[edit]

2010 series champion Lyle Nowak at Rockford.
  • 2014 Jeff Holtz
  • 2013 Brad Keith
  • 2012 Jeremy Spoonmore[5]
  • 2011 James Swan
  • 2010 Lyle Nowak
  • 2009 Paul Neisius
  • 2008 James Swan
  • 2007 James Swan
  • 2006 James Swan
  • 2005 Bill Prietzel
  • 2004 Peter Hernandez[6]
  • 2003 Bill Prietzel
  • 2002 Rod Brewe[7]
  • 2001 James Swan[7]
  • 2000 Bill Prietzel
  • 1999 Rick Corso[7]
  • 1998 Jeff Storm[7]
  • 1997 Jeff Storm
  • 1996 Mark Pluer[7]
  • 1995 Eddie Hoffman[7]
  • 1994 Eddie Hoffman
  • 1993 Eddie Hoffman

List of Vercauteran Memorial winners[edit]

Kevin Damrow's car after winning the 2007 Vercauteran Memorial at 141 Speedway

The series honors its founder Gary Vercauteran with a race each year after beginning as an event honoring his parents.[8] The race was often held as part of the Red, White, and Blue state championship event at Wisconsin International Raceway (WIR). The 2007 event at WIR was rained out, so it was held at 141 Speedway which is the track next closed to Vercauteran's hometown Chilton.[8] The 2010 event was held at Road America.[8] It began in Vercauteran's hometown dirt track in Chilton before the series' origin.[8] It has been held at a variety of tracks since then. The 25th annual Vercauteran Memorial winner returned to WIR and was won by Tyler Bauknecht (whose family had traveled with the Vercauteran family in the early days of the series).[9]

  • 2014 Tyler Bauknecht (Wisconsin International Raceway)[9]
  • 2013 James Swan (Rockford Speedway)
  • 2012 Kenny Joosten (Rockford)
  • 2011 Jacob Finney (Norway Speedway)
  • 2010 Bill Prietzel (Road America)
  • 2009 Gregg Haese (141 Speedway)[8]
  • 2008 Jacob Finney (WIR)
  • 2007 Kevin Damrow (141 Speedway)
  • 2006 James Swan (WIR)
  • 2005 Brett Piontek (WIR)
  • 2004 Bill Prietzel (WIR)
  • 2003 Jeremy Spoonmore (WIR)
  • 2002 Peter Hernandez (WIR)
  • 2001 Peter Hernandez (WIR)
  • 2000 Mark Pluer (WIR)
  • 1999 Gregg Haese (WIR)
  • 1998 Pat Kelly (WIR)
  • 1997 Bill Prietzel (WIR)
  • 1996 Pat Kelly (WIR)
  • 1995 Eddie Hoffman (WIR)
  • 1994 Brian Lambie (WIR)
  • 1993 Eddie Hoffman (WIR)
  • 1992 Jerry Wenzel (Chilton)
  • 1991 Larry Richards (Chilton)
  • 1990 Wayne Strand (Chilton)

Other divisions[edit]

Mid-American Super Trucks champions[edit]

  • 2005 Mark Storlie[6]
  • 2004 Jamie Farrell
  • 2003 Donnie Woller
  • 2002 Jeff Steenbergen
  • 2001 Jerry Seibel
  • 2000 Danny Heinritz
  • 1999 Gordon Swanson
  • 1998 Terry Marzofka
  • 1997 Terry Marzokfa

MARS late model champions[edit]

  • 2005 Jeff Van Oudenhoven[6]
  • 2004 Jeff Van Oudenhoven
  • 2003 Jeff Van Oudenhoven
  • 2002 Terry Baldry
  • 2001 Todd Kluever
  • 2000 Lowell Bennett
  • 1999 Lowell Bennett

Midwest Stock Car Classics champions[edit]

  • 2005 John Vassh Jr.[6]
  • 2004 Gary Stein
  • 2003 Chuck King


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