Mid Ulster by-election, 1956

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The by-election held in Mid Ulster on 8 May 1956[1] was called because both candidates in the Mid Ulster by-election, 1955 were disqualified. Tom Mitchell was disqualified from assuming office because he was a convicted felon. Charles Beattie was awarded the seat but he was also disqualified because he held an office of profit under the Crown.

Mid Ulster by-election, 1956
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Independent Unionist George Forrest 28,605 48.36
Sinn Féin Tom Mitchell 24,124 40.78
Anti-Partition Michael O'Neill 6,421 10.86
Majority 4,481 7.58
Turnout 59,150 88.43
Independent Unionist gain from Sinn Féin Swing
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