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The Middle East NGOs Gateway Project (MENGOS) is an Internet portal for non-governmental organizations and donor agencies that fund human rights, development and democracy initiatives in the Arab world and Middle East. MENGOS links nonprofits to facilitate exchange of knowledge, experiences, guidelines, and other valuable resources through the application of information technology. MENGOS is a project of Virtual Activism and the Center for Knowledge Society in Cairo, Egypt.

MENGOS focuses on progressive, under-represented and marginalized NGOs that work on advancing human rights and development projects. MENGOS gives them a presence on the Internet and serves as a database of NGOs in the Arab world.

The MENGOS database lists organization name, region, area of focus, or primary contact person in three languages (Arabic/English/French) to open communication across borders and language barriers. Donors can identify potential grantees. Non-profit organizations throughout the Middle East can network with one another to learn from each other's experience, exchange information, and share resources for projects designed to reduce poverty, empower people, and promote democracy and human rights.

The objectives of MENGOS are the following:

  • Create a network of Arab public, private and non-profit organizations.
  • Promote broad access to knowledge and information tools for equitable sustainable development and the promotion of democracy and human rights.
  • Increase the exchange of knowledge, experiences and resources to tap the potential of information and communication technologies to improve society, reduce poverty, and promote democracy.
  • Build information technology capacity to support the development of civil society institutions in the Arab World.

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