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Approximate areas occupied by the three Kazakh jüzes in the early 20th century. Green represents the Junior jüz, orange represents the Middle jüz and red represents the Senior jüz.

Middle jüz (Kazakh: Орта жүз, Orta jüz; Russian: Средний жуз) is one of three main traditional divisions of the Kazakh nation. The other two are Great jüz and Little jüz.Regin between 1456-1822.

Middle jüz consists of six tribes. The tribes, in turn, are subdivided into clans, creating a hierarchical pyramid of affiliations. Some historians claim that Middle Juz have originated from first Huns. But tribes of modern Middle jüz were fully revealed to European accounts only during Genghis Khan's era.

A linguistic trace of jüz political organization can be found in semantically identical words of Church Slavonic meaning "links, cuffs".[1]

Constituent tribes[edit]


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