Middleton, Eastern Cape

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Old church in Middleton, built 1903
Old church in Middleton, built 1903
Middleton is located in South Africa
 Middleton shown within South Africa
Coordinates: 32°56′56″S 25°48′58″E / 32.949°S 25.816°E / -32.949; 25.816Coordinates: 32°56′56″S 25°48′58″E / 32.949°S 25.816°E / -32.949; 25.816
Country South Africa
Province Eastern Cape
District Cacadu
Municipality Blue Crane Route
PO box 5810

Middleton is a hamlet in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, situated on the banks of the Fish River,[1] off the N10 road and about 30km south of Cookhouse.[2] It was established in 1879 as a train stop, and the station (which has since been converted into a pub) was one of the first buildings to be erected.[1] The hamlet is currently in the ownership of the Noupoort Christian Care Center.[3]


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