Midhir Records

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Midhir Records
Founded 2004
Founder Jon Hope
Distributor(s) The End (US/Canada)
Soundworks SARL (France)
Cargo Distribution (UK/Ireland)
Non-stop Music (Switzerland)
Genre Avant-garde
Country of origin Northern Ireland
Location Whiteabbey
Official website http://www.midhirrecords.com/

Midhir Records (or simply Midhir) is an independent record label based in Whiteabbey, Northern Ireland.

The label is named after an elusive figure of Irish myth. The opening was celebrated at Bealtaine 2004 with a small festival in Belfast that featured Secrets of the Moon, Geasa, Old Season, Aftermath and Bad Boat.

The primary focus of the label is to release notable extreme and fringe music. Midhir artists are often characterised by a progressive and experimental approach within their genres.

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