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Midland Junction station, May 1927 - taken from the Railway Workshops footbridge - looking east towards Greenmount Hill

The Midland Junction railway station was an important junction station on the Eastern Railway of Western Australia until its closure in 1966.

Its history started on 1 March 1886 when Frederick Broome, then Governor of Western Australia, turned the first sod. It was the first railway station in Midland Junction and was replaced by the Midland station 300 metres west, across the tracks from the Midland Railway Workshops.

Original Midland Junction Railway Station platform looking north east from track-side

Junction era[edit]

Midland Junction was an aptly named locality and railway station, as it had the following services leaving from its platforms:

It was in effect the point at which all rail services in the Western Australian network had to pass by - except for the South West line to Bunbury.

It was also a stopping point for Western Australian Government Railways Railway Bus Services until its closure.

The Midland Railway workshops and sheds were to the west on the area now developed with the Centrepoint Shopping Centre just south of the Midland Town Hall and original Post Office.

In the 1890s following the construction of the Eastern Railway, second route, Midland Junction had regular metropolitan passenger services running through on to Chidlow and Mundaring until 1954. Services ceased from the Mundaring Loop or "first route" at that date, but the line was not closed by Parliament until 12 March 1965. The second route continued until the closure of the Bellevue to Northam line, on the 13th February 1966.

Due to the amount of traffic passing the railway station, the adjacent Midland railway workshops, marshalling yards and other services, there were two signal boxes either end of the railway station.

Following closure[edit]

Removal of the old pedestrian footbridge in mid-2006

The railway station buildings were removed, as well as surrounding fixtures, excepting the footbridge over the railway line to the Midland Railway Workshops

In the 2000s the adjacent footbridge to the Midland Railway Workshops south of the site was removed when the Helena Street railway crossing was re-opened.

The old platform has been utilised by photographers and railfans to watch mainline traffic pass.

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Coordinates: 31°53′36″S 116°00′22″E / 31.8932°S 116.0062°E / -31.8932; 116.0062