Midlands 4 East (North)

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Midlands 4 East (North)
Sport Rugby Union
Number of teams 12
Country  England
Website clubs.rfu.com

English Rugby Union Midland DivisionMidlands 4 East (North) is an English Rugby Union League.

Midlands 4 East (North) is made up of teams from around the East Midlands of England who play home and away matches throughout a winter season. As with many low level they are often subject to re-structure

Promoted teams move up to Midlands 3 East (North).

Teams 2014-15[edit]

Teams 2013-14[edit]

Teams 2012–13[edit]

Teams 2009–10[edit]

Teams 2008–09[edit]


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  • Rugby First: To view previous seasons in the league, search for any club within that league then click on to club details followed by fixtures and then select the appropriate season.

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