Midlands 4 East (South)

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Midlands 4 East (South)
Current season or competition:
2014–15 Midlands 4 East (South)
England Rugby text logo.svg
Sport Rugby union
Instituted 2006; 9 years ago (2006)
Number of teams 10
Country  England
Holders St Neots (2014–15)
(promoted to Midlands 3 East (South))
Website clubs.rfu.com

Midlands 4 East (South) is a level 9 English Rugby Union league and level 4 of the Midlands League, made up of teams from the southern part of the East Midlands region who play home and away matches throughout the season. Formed for the 2006-07 season, the division was originally known as Midlands 5 East (South) but changed to its present name for the 2008-09 season due to league restructuring. Promoted teams tend to move up to Midlands 3 East (South) and since Midlands 5 East (South) was abolished there has been no relegation.

Teams 2014-15[edit]

Teams 2013-14[edit]

Teams 2012–13[edit]

  • Aylestone Athletic
  • Bedford Swifts
  • Bourne
  • Brackley
  • Corby
  • Oundle
  • St Ives (Midlands)
  • St Neots
  • Stamford College Old Boys
  • Thorney
  • Wellingborough O.G.
  • Westwood

Teams 2008–09[edit]

  • Ashfield
  • Bedford Swifts
  • Brackley
  • Bugbrooke
  • Daventry
  • Deepings
  • Long Buckby
  • Market Harborough
  • Northampton Casuals
  • Northampton Mens Own
  • Peterborough Lions
  • Rugby St Andrews
  • Vauxhall Motors

Midlands 4 East (South) Honours[edit]

Midlands 4 East (South) Honours
Season No of Teams Champions Runners–up Relegated Teams League Name
2006-07[1] 10 Bedford Swifts Aylestone St James Wellingborough O.G., Kempston Midlands 5 East (South)
2007-08[2] 10 Market Harborough Deepings St Ives (Midlands), Stamford Midlands 5 East (South)
2008-09[3] 10 Stockwood Park Queens Kempston, Wellingborough O.G., Aylestone Athletic Midlands 5 East (South)[n 1]
2009-10[4] 8 Oadby Wyggestonians Rushden & Higham No relegation[n 2] Midlands 4 East (South)
2010-11[5] 11 Stamford Biggleswade No relegation Midlands 4 East (South)
2011-12[6] 12 Old Newtonians Northampton Mens Own No relegation Midlands 4 East (South)
2012-13[7] 12 Brackley St Ives (Midlands) No relegation Midlands 4 East (South)
2013-14[8] 11 Long Buckby Oundle No relegation Midlands 4 East (South)
2014-15[9] 10 St Neots Old Newtonians No relegation Midlands 4 East (South)
Green backgrounds are promotion places.
  1. ^ Last season as Midlands 5 East (South). Would be renamed Midlands 4 East (South) for the following season.
  2. ^ No relegation as division due to increase from 8 to 11 teams and Midlands 5 East (South) abolished for the following season.


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  • Rugby First: To view previous seasons in the league, search for any club within that league then click on to club details followed by fixtures and then select the appropriate season.

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