Midlothian Stadium

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Coordinates: 32°27′57″N 96°59′05″W / 32.4658°N 96.9848°W / 32.4658; -96.9848

For Heart of Midlothian's stadium see Tynecastle Stadium.

Midlothian Stadium
Full name Midlothian Stadium
Location Midlothian, TX
Owner Midlothian ISD
Capacity 8,176
Built 2004-2006
Opened 2006
Midlothian Panthers

Midlothian Stadium is an 8,176-capacity stadium in Midlothian, Texas used for American football and soccer.

The stadium is owned by the Midlothian ISD and was completed in 2006. It was built with money secured by a 2004 bond referendum.

Notable events at Midlothian Stadium[edit]

The 2006-07 Men's Soccer Team, led by goalie Will Reno, won their district at Midlothian Stadium.

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