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Midnight is a 1982 film by Night Of The Living Dead co-writer John Russo. It is based on Russo's 1980 novel of the same name, published by Pocket Books (ISBN 978-0671834326) (the reprint was issued in 1982 by "Independent-International Pictures" to coincide with their film release). It was shot on location in rural Pennsylvania for $71,000 and stars Melanie Verlin from George Romero's Monkey Shines as Nancy, and Martin lead John Amplas as Abrahan. The film was produced by Donald Redinger with Make-up effects by Tom Savini. It was released on DVD by Lionsgate in the USA and Arrow video in the UK.


Nancy is alone on the road, hitchhiking to California, away from the clutches of her sleazy stepfather. She makes friends with a pair of petty crooks on a road trip, and things take a turn for the worse when they are killed by a pair of backwoods 'cops'. Nancy is then in danger of being sacrificed to Satan himself by the wayward lawmen and their twisted siblings, in a psychotic attempt to resurrect their mother’s decomposed corpse. The tagline of the movie is "Midnight... Time to Die!"

A Soundtrack album of the movie music was issued in 1982 by "TRAQ RECORDS", with music performed by "Quintessence".

In 1993, a direct-to-video sequel was released ("Midnight 2: Sex, Death & Videotape" was released). It was shot-on-tape, and except for the lone survivor from the first film ("Abraham", played by a different actor), it has nothing to do with the original film.

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