Midnight Special Bookstore

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Midnight Special Bookstore
Industry Retail
Genre focus on left-wing politics
Fate Dissolved
Founded Venice, California, United States (1970 (1970))
Defunct June 2, 2004 (2004-June-02)[1]
Headquarters Santa Monica, California, United States
Number of locations
Key people
Margie Ghiz, final owner[2]
Products book retailer
Website www.msbooks.com (defunct)

The Midnight Special Bookstore was an independent bookstore in southern California. It catered to a leftist clientele.[3][4] Its merchandise and events emphasized current events such as the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War,[5] the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,[6] the Chinese democracy movement[7] and U.S. intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq.[8]

Founded in 1970 as a co-op in Venice,[3] the shop "was run predominantly by volunteers" until around 1985.[5]

In 1980[5] it moved from Venice to 1350 Third Street [9] (also known as 1350 Santa Monica Mall[10]) in Santa Monica, then in 1992[5] moved again to 1318 Third Street Promenade.[11][12] For more than ten years, the mall's landlord charged the shop less rent than other tenants were paying,[13] but with a change in management and success in attracting upscale tenants, the mall operator asked for an increase that would "more than double"[2] the rent. For this reason, the bookstore moved out of its Third Street location in March 2003.[4] Its stock was kept in storage for eight months. In November 2003,[8][14][15] the store reopened at 1450 Second Street[16][17][18] in Santa Monica, then finally closed around June 2, 2004.[1] Its owner cited weak sales and continuing financial difficulties as the reason for closing:

Unfortunately, the delay was too great and our debts grew with the delays. Only local outlets of major chains can afford the losses that come with opening stores; even though our sales were steadily growing, it was not fast enough to keep us going until we could sustain ourselves.[1]

Authors who appeared at the shop:

Among other people who made appearances at the shop were filmmakers Robert Greenwald[21] and Oliver Stone,[5] actor David Warshofsky,[21] Elaine Brown of the Black Panther Party, UCLA professor Khaled Abou El Fadl; and musicians Dave Marsh, Jello Biafra, Frank Zappa[5] and Ray Manzarek.[24]



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