Midori-dai Station

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Midoridai Station
Keisei Midoridai sta 001.jpg
Midoridai Station
Prefecture Chiba
(See other stations in Chiba)
City Chiba
Ward Inage
Neighborhood etc. 1-7-1 Midori-cho
Postal code 263-0023
(in Japanese) 千葉県千葉市稲毛区緑町1-7-1
Year opened 1923
Former names Kurosuna Station
Teidai Kogakubu-mae
Kogakubu-mae Station
Present name since 1971
Rail services
Station number(s) KS56
Operator(s) Keisei Electric Railway
Line(s) Keisei Chiba Line
Statistics 6,579 passengers/day (FY2010)

Midoridai Station (みどり台駅 Midoridai-eki?) is a railway station in Inage-ku, Chiba, Japan, operated by the Keisei Electric Railway.


Midoridai Station is served by the Keisei Chiba Line,[1] and is located 9.9 km from the terminus of the line at Keisei-Tsudanuma.

Station layout[edit]

Midoridai Station has two opposed side platforms connected by an overpass.


1 Keisei Chiba Line for Keisei-Tsudanuma and Keisei Makuhari
2 Keisei Chiba Line for Ōmoridai and Chiharadai

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Keisei Chiba Line
Keisei Inage - Nishinobuto


Midoridai Station was opened on February 22, 1922 as Hama Kaigan Station (浜海岸駅 Hama-Kaigan-eki?). On April 1, 1942, it changed its name to Teidai Kogakubu-mae (帝大工学部前駅 Teidai Kogakubu-mae eki?), after the engineering campus of Tokyo Imperial University located nearby. After World War II, university dropped the name “Imperial”, and the station was renamed Kogakubu-mae (工学部前駅 Kogakubu-mae-eki?) accordingly. It was renamed once again on May 1, 1951 to Kurosuna Station (黒砂駅 Kurosuna-eki?). It assumed its present name on October 1, 1971.

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Coordinates: 35°37′30″N 140°05′51″E / 35.6250°N 140.0976°E / 35.6250; 140.0976